The Witcher season 2: why does Geralt have white hair?


If Geralt has white hair in The Witcher, it is for good reason!

After leaning over the reason why Geralt prefers to call all his horses Roach in The Witcher , it's now your turn of another physical detail of the witcher to be sifted through. It's about his amazing snow-white hair, a physical element that sets him apart from the rest of the other characters. Indeed, the hero of the Netflix series embodied by Henry Cavill ) is the only protagonist who wears this odd hair color, besides having very pale skin. A distinction that is not due to chance! And for good reason, contrary to what one might think, Geralt did not always wear his hair

It was only when he was a sorcerer's apprentice that his hair turned “salt and pepper “.

Geralt's white hair in The Witcher – Credit (s): Netflix

The reason ? The process of the “Trial of the Grasses”, a painful ordeal where contestants are forced to consume special alchemical ingredients like mutagens that affect their physiology. Whether the goal is to boost the immune system, gain night vision, or increase strength, speed and endurance, it is no less dramatic. A dangerous process that some future witers do not survive and that makes all participants sterile! It was during this ordeal that Geralt showed extraordinary resistance. So much so that the latter was then subjected to other increasingly difficult tests which ended up bleaching his hair and skin

. An evil for a good since it is also thanks to these experiments that the witcher was then able to inherit powers and abilities more powerful than the majority. While waiting to find out the release date on Netflix,

discover the new look of the monsters that Geralt will face in season 2 of The Witcher .

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