The Witcher: Their connection isn't obvious, but these reasons prove that Dandelion is Geralt's best friend


If he is annoying as much as possible, Dandelion is a true friend to Geralt. The two men complement each other perfectly, looking back at their best moments in season 1 of The Witcher.

Aside from his horse Roach, Geralt didn't really have a friend before he met Dandelion. If the past of this teaser will certainly be explored in season 2 of The Witcher , we wanted to come back to the beautiful friendship shared by the two explorers. Geralt is sometimes fed up with Dandelion – he can talk and sing so loudly that it would give him a headache – but deep down, these reasons prove to us that he loves her very much. In addition to bringing him company, Dandelion is always present for Geralt, even if it means defending him to his detractors. Clearly, if they don't know it yet, Geralt and Dandelion are more than just acquaintances, they are real friends to each other.

Almost all of Jaskier's songs are about Geralt

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When Dandelion sets singing and telling the story of Geralt's life while singing the song, it's as cute as it is annoying! The latter has never been afraid of the witcher, unlike other people who cross him, and he was immediately captivated by his attitude. This is why throughout the series, Jaskier will sing beautiful melodies to pay homage to the one he admires so much. In season 2, he should include Ciri and Yennefer in his lyrics, and we can't wait to see his next compositions!

Dandelion seeks to change people's mindsets about Geralt

Jaskier Jaskier

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While most people see Geralt as a mutant Creepy, Dandelion instead sees a hero and adventurer who has saved countless lives across the continent. With his songs, he tries to change mentalities and show the most resistant that his friend is an incredible person. C ' is a very nice proof of friendship which proves that Dandelion will be ready to defend him to the end – despite the a little grumpy character of Geralt (

Henry Cavill )!

Geralt never orders Dandelion to leave and continue on his way alone