The Witcher: This detail proves Cahir knew Ciri was a Doppler


Cahir crossed paths with a metamorphosed Doppler in the guise of Ciri. If the ruse worked, this detail proves that the knight knew the truth about Adonis in The Witcher.

Enter the meaning of Geralt's white hair in The Witcher , the choice of the same first name for his horses, or his complex link with the witch Renfri, season 1 of the Heroic Fantasy series was riddled with mysteries. One of them was the subject of a major twist and particularly caught our attention. This is the moment when Cahir, after looking for him for a long time, captured young Ciri. In reality, it was not the princess but a Doppler – a creature with the ability to transform into any person – who was disguised as Ciri. If Adonis (the name carried by the doppler) then revealed itself to Cahir as if by magic, this detail proves to us that Cahir already knew that it was not the princess he had in front of him.

Cahir – Credit (s): netflix

There is a very simple way to recognize Dopplers; it's called “the money test” . Just place a spoon, a glass or any silver object in front of a person likely to be one of those creatures to see your true reflection!

And when Cahir held out a filled cup water to “Ciri”, he must have immediately understood that something was wrong. If the creature refused the glass so as not to be caught red-handed, Cahir certainly saw his true identity in the reflection. There are many secrets that can be discovered if one is interested in the little details in The Witcher , this is why we recommend that you watch the episodes a second time in order not to miss anything. While waiting for season 2 on Netflix , we lets discover what the characters should look like according to the books of The Witcher.

The Witcher season 2
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