These actresses and TV actors tore it all up in 2020


Big up to these actresses and actors who delivered a crazy performance this year.

Finally! 100 is coming to an end, and as always we take advantage of the holiday season to imagine the most improbable scenarios, such as which characters from the series it is better not to invite to your Christmas in family, and those who would set the mood . And after the revelers, make way for those who bring them to life: actresses and actors. Yes, full of good series, 2020 was marked by some pretty incredible performances . We didn't mention Rhea Seehorn from Better Call Saul or Jonathan Majors from Lovecraft Country , but don't hesitate to expand the list in the comments. Watch out for spoilers!

Michaela Coel (Arabella Essiedu) – I May Destroy You

She warned us with the title of her series, and that's kind of what Michaela Coel did with her character Arabella in I May Destroy You – available on

OCS in France. In turn frank, touching, funny or devastating , Arabella shines thanks to her interpreter who offered us a series that we are not ready to forget.

Anya Taylor-Joy (Beth Harmon) – The Lady's Game

Beth at the top of her game – Credit (s): netflix

She was a hit on Netflix, it's the one and only The Lady's Game , or The Queen's Gambit in VO. And it is largely thanks to the interpretation of Anya Taylor-Joy , that we had already noticed here and there and in particular in Peaky Blinders . But it is in the Netflix series that the young actress really broke through and we already know that she is not about to leave the screens, big and small.

Mark Ruffalo (Dominick and Thomas Birdsey) – I know this much is true

When he's not angry and all green, Mark Ruffalo proves he can play anything , including torn twins in their past. I know this much is true – available on OCS – is a fantastic demonstration of the talent of the actor who takes the guts.

T'Nia Miller (Hannah Grose) – The Haunting of Bly Manor

Hannah Grose – Credit (s): netflix

After The Haunting of Hill House , Mike Flanagan and a good part of the cast returned in The Haunting of Bly Manor for another success. And it was especially T'Nia Miller, who played Hannah, who caught our eye in these new episodes. Sweet, mysterious, soothing, this quiet strength of Bly Manor has never ceased to touch us . And if her reassuring presence with Dani was so effective, it is in large part thanks to T'Nia Miller and her nuanced interpretation.

Antony Starr (Homelander) – The Boys

Terrifying, impressive and as nerve-racking as possible, Homelander should continue to surprise us in season 3 of The Boys and it is thanks to Antony Starr that his name alone makes us shiver. Suffice to say that we do not know what dominates, our eagerness to see the rest on Prime Video or our apprehension as to what Homelander might have in store for us …

Sophie Okonedo (Charlotte Wells and Julia Bryce) – Ratched and Criminal UK

It is so excellent that it is not for one, but for TWO series that we want to talk about Sophie Okonedo. Two series that we can only advise you and which are available on Netflix. Because, whether in Ratched or in Criminal UK , Sophie Okonedo is clearly bluffing . She doesn't just play her characters, she brings them to life with pretty crazy intensity. In short, to see.

Laura Linney (Wendy Byrde) – Ozark

Wendy Byrde – Credit (s): netflix See the article : The Boys season 3: this unlikely character could finally be connected to Vought.

Yes we hesitated a bit with Tom Pelphrey who played a brilliant Ben in season 3

from Ozark , but Laura Linney has been around since the first season , and she has just proved that she is still ready to bring tears to our eyes (or even make us completely whine) in the skin of Wendy Byrde. Small example above.

Colby Minifie (Virginia and Ashley) – Fear The Walking Dead and The Boys

We discovered it in season 5, but it is in

season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead that Virginia really revealed and it is in particular the scene of episode 6 below above which has finished convincing us of the talent of Colby Minifie . Whether it's facing zombies or facing supes in The Boys , the actress has shown that she can go from cruel leader to carefree vulnerable follower and that makes us look forward to seeing her in new productions.

Wunmi Mosaku (Ruby Baptiste) – On the same subject : Anya Taylor-Joy (Le Jeu de la Dame), Olivia Colman and Helena Bonham Carter (The Crown) reunite for a Cinderella remake. Lovecraft Country

Ruby and Christina – Credit (s): hbo

Like many other fantastic series, Lovecraft Country has gone a bit unnoticed on OCS but it's never too late to catch up with you. And if you take a look, in addition to the excellent Jurnee Smollett, you can also see Wunmi Mosaku shining in Ruby's skin. . As complex as she is brave, Ruby has no trouble stealing the show from Leti and Atticus during their scenes and that's pretty much the better for us.

Jude Law (Sam) – The Third Day

Jude Law did a live performance of 100 h as Sam for a special “episode” of The Third Day , and nothing but for that he clearly deserves to be recognized for his immense talent. But even without watching this television UFO, Jude Law shines throughout the season of this series that we can only recommend to you if you are a fan of murky and mysterious atmosphere.

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