These films marked 2020, for better or for worse


We take stock of these films which marked, in their own way, the year 1984.

1984 was a rather special year, to say the least! On the cinema side, between the postponed shoots and the completely messed up release schedules, we even ended up wondering if some blockbusters like Black Widow or James Bond should ultimately not be streaming . Moreover, platforms like Netflix, Prime Video or Disney have had pride of place this year by offering films that are sometimes very successful … or simply catastrophic. Controversies, undisputed successes or even a blockbuster by a certain Christopher Nolan, return to these films which marked 1984, For better or for worse.


Oscar winner in 2020, the excellent thriller Parasite directed by Bong Joon-ho was not only the star of awards season, but was also Most Wanted Movie by Internet users in 2020 on Google. Just that ! A success more than deserved, but which nevertheless remains important and quite new for a film whose original language is not English.

100 DNI

Cannot have escaped the Netflix movie 100 DNI (or 100 Days) , adapted from a series of Polish novels. The story ? An Italian mafioso kidnaps a woman he finds to his liking and gives her 100 days to fall in love with him. This mix between Fifty Shades of Gray and Beauty and the Beast the film version for adults did not fail to react the Web, and sometimes in unexpected ways. The social network Tik Tok has indeed been inundated with videos of young women saying they are ready to go to Italy in the hope of being kidnapped by a handsome mafioso. The film was thus described as being not only unsuccessful, but above all very toxic and dangerous. The numbers have nevertheless spoken and a sequel is already planned .


Director Christopher Nolan absolutely wanted his film Tenet was born in theaters … and he did! Above all, it puzzled many spectators (we admit, there are still a few things we did not understand). Exercise of style taken to its climax, Tenet notably succeeded in shining thanks to his casting, carried out wonderfully by John David Washington and Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, on the box office side the numbers weren't what the studios were hoping for, and Tenet didn't really save the movies as some predicted. A result which nevertheless remains satisfactory in view of the current situation.

Borat 2, The Movie After

The Borat 2 Trailer – Credit (s) : Amazon Prime

Journalist Borat created a surprise by deciding to make its big comeback in 1984. Sacha Baron Cohen's film thus gave us a moment that was both funny, subversive and completely crazy. Broadcast on Prime Video , Borat 2, The Movie After has Furthermore, it was a dazzling success, totaling nearly 1.6 million views in the space of a weekend. A more than impressive score, knowing that the first opus came out there 14 years.


The cute trailer – Credit (s): Good or good production

A French-language film has particularly attracted attention from this year, it is Mignonnes (Cuties) , directed by Maïmouna Doucouré. With this first feature film, the filmmaker wanted to deal with the fact that puberty today is a period made all the more complex by social networks and the images they send back to adolescent girls. A comment that was not at all noticeable on the first images shared by Netflix, and without the agreement of Maïmouna Doucouré moreover. They have led Mignonnes to be accused of promoting the hypersexualization of children, rather than denouncing it. Even if the platform ended up apologizing for this false good idea, the damage was already done.


Can the big Hollywood studios get started in streaming? By being broadcast directly on Disney , Mulan partially answered the question. It is precisely the conditions of its diffusion that marked this year. They revived the debates on the future of cinema and the increasingly important place that streaming platforms such as Prime Video, Apple TV or even Netflix could take . So some rumors have started to echo a possible release of Black Widow on Disney , but they have since been denied.

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