These questions that we ask ourselves again and again about Back to the future


No of Zeus! We still have a few questions about the Back to the Future trilogy!

In the cult trilogy genre that you must have seen at least once in your life, Back to the future is coming probably at the top of the list. Even the MCU was kindly inspired by the plot of the film for its crossover event Avengers Endgame, even if it means being nicely to tackle. However, we may love the franchise, there are still a few details that bother us. Two, three questions that we can't help but ask ourselves and for which we may never have answers. If you too have the same questions, we suggest that you think with us and try to unravel all these mysteries on Back to the future . Prepare your brain well, it will heat up!

Comment Biff Tannen a- Did he learn how the DeLorean works?

Biff Tannen in Back to the Future II – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

In Back to the Future II See the article : Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy vs Severus Snape, which one really deserved redemption? old Biff Tannen from 1955 steals the DeLorean in order to return to 768 and give the Sports Almanac to him young. There is one thing that bothers us though: how come he knows how DeLorean works? No sooner does he get into the car than he manages to start it and leaves in the past, zero hassle! It seems unlikely that Doc or Marty suddenly wanted to explain his functioning, so he either guessed everything on his own, or he spied on the duo at one point or another.

Why did Doc let Marty leave with the hoverboard?

Doc didn't really appreciate that Marty decided to buy r the Sports Almanac (rightly so) in This may interest you : Harry Potter: These eccentric characters make us see all the colors, that's why we love them. Back to the Future II . Yet the fact that his young sidekick keeps a hoverboard with him is far too advanced technology for 1955 , it didn't bother him at all. Was he as fascinated as Marty or is it just a lack of consistency on Emmett's part?

Why didn't Doc take more precautions?

The letter left by Marty in Back to the Future – Credit (s ): Universal Pictures

In Back to the future , Doc ends up reading Marty's letter warning him of his future death and takes precautions required. Finally, he did the bare minimum and put on a bulletproof vest instead. If the terrorists had shot him in the head, his “precautions” would not have served much purpose …

Why is Marty Did he come back ten minutes before Doc died?

Marty sets out again in the future – Credit (s): Universal pictures

Speaking of Doc's death in Back to the Future , why didn't Marty come back until ten minutes before this one? We say to ourselves that maybe he should have taken more room and landed a good hour before.

There at least he would have been sure he could tell Doc what was going to happen.

Why aren't George and Lorraine surprised at the resemblance between Marty and Pierre Cardin?

George and Marty in Back to the Future – Credit (s): Universal Pictures On the same subject : More beautiful life: Between Valentin and Sébastien, Laëtitia will make her choice … And you risk being disappointed (SPOILERS).

George and Lorraine were pushed into each other's arms by a certain Pierre Cardin who is actually called Marty, and on which Lorraine had initially set her sights. Yet neither of them seem disturbed by the striking resemblance between their son and this dear Cardin.

They should still ask themselves a question or two …

How did Doc survive after being struck by lightning?

Doc must have felt this shot of juice pass! – Credit (s): Universal Pictures This may interest you : Falcon and the Winter Soldier: A season shorter than expected?

In Back to the Future , Doc Brown of 1955 help Marty get back to 1955. The scientist really has a sense of timing, since when he finishes connecting two cables between them, lightning hits the town hall and he finds himself thrown back. However, he might have taken a hell of a lot of juice, he seems not to have the slightest sequel, nor the slightest injury. Luck or inconsistency? We let you decide.

Why does Marty think there is not enough room for the DeLorean reaches the miles?

Marty, Jennifer and Doc ready to going into the future – Credit (s): Universal Pictures See the article : Marvel Studios: Is Spider-Man Stronger Than Iron Man?

At the end of Back to the Future , Doc, Jennifer and Marty getting ready to leave for 1985, when the latter says that the road is too short to reach miles per hour. However, this is the same road that Doc used earlier in the film, when of his first trip to the future. Has the road changed in the meantime?

Why did Doc choose a locomotive to replace his car?
The locomotive to travel through time by Doc – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

That Doc use a locomotive in 768 to build a new travel machine in the time, that's understandable. But why did he not choose a less bulky and above all more discreet means of transport afterwards? We will say that it is a tribute to his love for the writings of Jules Verne. It's also a hell of a lot better than the object that should have initially replace DeLorean in a first version of Back to the Future .

Why isn't Doc too worried about changing the future?

Jennifer, Marty and Doc at the end of Back to the Future – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

In the first installment of the trilogy, Doc Brown refuses to change the future, to the point where he even rocks the letter that Marty wrote to him and in which he revealed his death to him in 1885. Then he suddenly changes his mind. It is even he who returns to look for Marty and Jennifer so that they prevent their future son from taking a decision with heavy consequences.

Why did he suddenly decide that it wasn't a problem to change the future when it was was necessary? Good question ! Would it have clicked? Did a particular event make him change his mind? Mystery…

Why nothing changes in 1985 after the return of old Biff?

The famous Sports Almanac – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

When Marty and Doc return to 1955 in See the article : Aquaman 2: Mera (Amber Heard) in the heart of a solo movie? Back to the Future II , they land in a verse Hill Valley completely dystopian ion. Emmett even explains that it is impossible for them to return to the future, since it would follow directly from this 1885 damn. Yet when old Biff returns with the DeLorean after taking the Almanac in 1885, nothing has changed in 728310.

Was this a deliberate choice by the writers to keep things simple? A mistake ? Were the changes present but subtle?

When Marty and Jennifer are with Doc in the future, is another version of them present in 1955?

Marty dans Retour vers le futur IIBiff Tannen dans Retour vers le futur II

Marty in Back to the Future II – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

When Einstein is sent by Doc to the future, he is absent for the minutes between his departure and his return to 1985. But what about Jennifer and Marty in Back to the Future II ? If we follow logic, they have disappeared from 1985 after their departure in 2015.

We don't know you, but this question gives us a headache.

Is Uncle Joey still in jail?

Marty meets his uncle Joey in 1885 – Credit (s): Universal Pictures This may interest you : Fantastic 4: Zac Efron, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski … These actors fans want to see in the MCU reboot.

In Back to the Future , Uncle Joey missed another dinner with the McFlys, still being in jail. It's in 1985 that Marty the then sees that he is just a baby. What happened to him at the end of the film? We know that things have worked out for Marty's brother and sister, but what about from Uncle Joey? Is he still in jail?

Credits: Universal Pictures

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