These questions that we still ask ourselves about Iron Man 2


Iron Man 2 is still a mystery ten years after its release!

As fans of the MCU and DCEU want to know which movie is better between Iron Man 2 and Batman VS Superman , we thought it was time to put our two cents in this debate! And what better way to do that than to revisit the second adventures of Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr. ) and spot the worries of the plot ? Oops, it turns out that there is not only one contradiction in this opus … You probably remembered that this story is not the most coherent that Marvel Studios has ever produced, but you will realize it all the more by reading all the questions that we still ask ourselves about it!

How can Ivan have a computer equipment as expensive?

Ivan – Credit (s): Marvel Studios This may interest you : Superman and Lois: Clark and his sons have family time in a backstage photo.

At the beginning of the film, we discover Anton Vanko and his son watching Tony Stark reveal his identity as a superhero on television. When his father dies, Ivan decides to take revenge by using the ARK reactor blueprints to build a version similar to the one used by Iron Man. We can imagine that building a tool of such power is extremely expensive, but this villain lives in total misery! Where is he getting the funding to acquire all this cutting edge technology?

Why did Rhodey agree to make a file on Iron Man?

Tony and Rhodey – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Subsequently, a US Marshal (Kate Mara, On the same subject : Thor 4: Will Valkyrie just have a romance with Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman? Tessa Thompson responds.

convinced that her minor role in Iron Man 2 would be important in the future of the MCU ) assigns Tony Stark to appear in court. When he finds himself in front of Senator Stern, who wants to make his armor the property of the United States, he has an unexpected opponent! We can't figure out why Rhodey “betrayed” his buddy. It turns out that War Machine wrote a dossier against his friend, and the reasons are unclear!

How did Ivan know that Tony would like to drive in Monaco?

Tony Tony

Tony – Credit (s): Marvel Studios See the article : Outlander season 6: Sam Heughan (Jamie) teases the arrival of characters who will change the lives of Fraser.

During the historic Monaco Grand Prix, Tony Stark decides to take the place of the driver of his racing team, in morbid impulse well revered. That's when Ivan Vanko hits the track and begins to slash cars to pieces with his deadly whips! Small problem: c ow did Whiplash guess that the superhero would go to the field to drive his car in person? Is he diviner?

Why wasn't Ivan killed by the car crash?

Ivan – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

We don't mind the guy being strong, but we're still talking about a shock that a normal human is not supposed to resist! Read also : Marvel Studios: Is Spider-Man Stronger Than Iron Man? Happy and Pepper drive over to Ivan to save T ony who is in a weak position, but the villain accuses the blow … Twice. We agree that he wears some kind of metal structure around his body that should protect him a minimum, but at this point, it's suspicious.

How can Rhodey get hold of the War Machine armor?

While Tony Stark does anything, his mate Rhodey takes matters into his own hands. While the superhero, convinced that he is celebrating his last birthday, drinks like a hole and fools around with his armor, his friend endorses War Machine to stop him. Only, how did the lieutenant colonel get hold of the Mark II armor while it is safe and well protected in the billionaire's mansion? Isn't there an anti-theft system?

Why didn't Hammer have Ivan watched?

Justin Hammer may be rich like Croesus, he is nevertheless really stupid … When he recruits Ivan in prison to offer him a deal, he should be wary of this villain. Too sure of himself, he is content to trust him in the elaboration armor, his ns keep a close eye on him to make sure he isn't trying to trick him. It makes you wonder how he managed to succeed in the business world by being so careless!

Hammer Why doesn't Tony keep the bots away from the show from the start?

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