These questions that we still ask ourselves about Titanic (and not this is not about the board)


A week after the broadcast of Titanic on TF1, we still have a few questions about this classic film.

We were millions to support the 4 ads from TF1 last Sunday evening to be able to relive the incredible story of Rose and Jack, and helplessly witness the sinking of the Titanic, THEN EVEN THAT THE ICEBERG HAD BEEN REPORTED. This James Camera film marked our young years and despite its duration of 3 hours, we realized that we had seen it far too often already since we know many lines by heart – IT HAPPENED THERE A YEARS-. If it is a masterpiece that has long been at the top of the global box office, we have a few questions about the script. I promise, we'll spare you the famous WAS THERE ROOM FOR TWO ON THE BOARD? Jack sank, let's not talk about it anymore.

Why is Jack taking off his shoes?

Why is Jack taking off his shoes? On the same subject : Netflix is ​​about to add an option that will change the lives of its subscribers.

This is the life changing scene for Jack and Rose, the one where they hook up for the first time as Rose wants to jump overboard and that Jack tries to dissuade her. If we don't doubt Jack's frankness, we still wonder why he bothered to take his shoes off. This may interest you : Deadpool 3: How will Wade Wilson join the MCU? The best fan theories. What a difference ? If he was about to jump in a lake ok, he could have the hope of going back up, but there he is not stupid to the point of thinking that he could go back up and therefore we Don't care if his shoes are wet right? In the meantime, he takes the risk of putting his toes to the test.

What happened to Rose's precious paintings?

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Ok The Heart of the Ocean is very expensive, but just imagine the value of paintings that Rose had in her possession during her trip? If, as she suggests, Monet and Picasso were not yet well known in 768, one can imagine that they are worth millions of dollars today . So instead of looking for the necklace the old Rose throws overboard with no respect, let's go look for art. Okay, maybe the paint experts will tell us they didn't survive so many years underwater, we take that argument into consideration, but it was worth talking about.

How did they know the fireplace room had another exit?

What if they hadn't managed to get out?

When Jack and Rose try to run away from Lovejoy, Cal's charming and very sympathetic henchman, they decide to run with hair in the wind in the fireplace / machine room … where it is very hot, you understand. They run as if they were convinced that by continuing straight ahead they would find another exit. But how do you know? Of course they would have looked silly to find themselves in a dead end, forced to turn around to find themselves face to face with Lovejoy . It was still a risky bet …

How did Jack not feel the necklace?
Pourquoi Rose hésite ? Pourquoi Rose hésite ?

Why is Rose hesitating? On the same subject : Friends: executive producer reveals big secret about Ross and Rachel's relationship.

And how did Rose could believe it even for a second? When Rose and Jack return from their romantic getaway, Lovejoy and Cal try to pretend that Jack stole the jewel. Uh, excuse me did you see the size of the thing? You can't not feel it if you slip it in your pocket. Rose herself said it was quite heavy and uncomfortable to carry. So Jack should have felt it … As for Rose, she had undressed Jack herself a few minutes earlier, we think she would have noticed anyway if the necklace had been there from the start. It does not make sense.

Did Mr Ismay have to justify himself?

Ismay a-t-il du rendre des comptes ?

Was Ismay accountable?

History has taught us that in real life, Joseph Bruce Ismay was not as insufferable as the character in the film, but in James Cameron's Titanic, we want to put him slaps. On the same subject : WandaVision: Paul Bettany (Vision) responds to Doctor Strange cameo theories. He did absolutely nothing to organize and help with the evacuation and on top of that, he put his privileged butt in the first canoe he found. Suddenly we ask ourselves the question, when he reached the mainland, did we ask him to account? Why him was in a dinghy when the rest of the crew (much of it at least), the captain and the architect all perished?

Ismay a-t-il du rendre des comptes ? Rose a- Did she try to see her mother again?

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