These romantic comedy couples clearly would have done better to go their separate ways, if you ask us


From Grease to The Abominable Truth, these couples have nothing to do with each other, when you think about it.

In the romantic comedies , all's always well that ends well. Even if there were twists and turns, betrayals, lies, misunderstandings, the two lovers in transit end together no matter what. And we find it very touching and we look at it with envy, with tears in our eyes. But when you think about it, some couples do not go together at all and their relationship is not very healthy . So much so that they would have done better not to end up as a couple at the end of the film. This selection remains obviously objective, but here are, in our opinion, the couples of romantic comedies who would have done better to separate.

Danny and Sandy – Grease

Behind the catchy songs, stylish outfits and energetic choreography, the love story in the center of Grease is less pretty than what people want us to believe. Let's say their beautiful summer romance should have ended there, precisely, at the end of summer. Because as soon as the start of the school year arrives and they are just the two of them, Danny behaves like an idiot with Sandy, not assuming his relationship with her . Sandy has to change her style and personality and adapt to Danny for the latter to accept her.

Her and Noah – The Kissing Booth

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Certainly, Noah is handsome and smart in The Kissing Booth , but it still has quite a few crippling flaws for a romantic relationship, when you think about it. He is quite angry and spends his time fighting, especially with the boys who flirt with or annoy Elle a little too much. This conveys an extremely jealous and possessive side, not to mention the fact that he doesn't let Elle fend for herself . What's more, he tends to want to control Elle's actions. In short, not very healthy things to make a relationship last.

Abby and Mike – The Abominable Truth

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The very beginning of Abby and Mike's love story is wobbly. And for good reason, Mike starts by trying to change Abby to turn her into the perfect woman , when he should accept her as she is East. And even though he does end up falling in love with her despite the fact that she isn't perfect, we can't say that they go well together. She is a macho with a very narrow view of women and who doesn't really believe in love, while she is very independent and very blue flower. It can't work for long.

Tripp and Paula – Playboy to grab

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The concept of the film is already not particularly healthy and the relationship that between Tripp and Paula is even less so. Their story is still built on lies and manipulation, so we do not start on good foundations . And we are talking about a guy who is not able to live alone, who relies on his parents for a long time and when his parents don't want them any more, who then relies on a woman, Paula. We are therefore on a co-dependent love affair, which is never great in the long term.

Abby and Harper – Happiest Season

A Christmas romantic comedy with a lesbian couple at the heart of the story is what we have been waiting for a long time and Happiest Season

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