These series adapted from cult films were a complete failure


It's not because the film is brilliant that we have to make a series of it, the proof.

There are more and more adaptations between films and series, and when it is not the series that inspires a film, it is To see also : Where can I watch live TV online? a film that ends up being shown on television . Unfortunately, although it may be done with cult films, this does not mean that the series will necessarily find its audience ….



Looking back, the horrific little MTV series is not such a horrible failure … But beside the cult Scream and even some of its rather nice sequels, clearly the series does not make the weight .

The Purge

The Purge – Credit (s): USA

So ok, the movies American Nightmare are not p read genius films but the franchise remains known and the famous sound of the siren makes more than one shudder. The same cannot be said for the series broadcast on USA, which unfortunately flopped . Characters not really endearing, element of horror almost absent and intrigues clearly not enough gripping, that's a no. Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing – Credit (s): Vestron television This may interest you : Thor 4, Love & amp; amp; Thunder: Is the filming already finished for Guardians of the Galaxy?

It only took 11 episodes to viewers to realize that the series Dirty Dancing would never come close to the eponymous film already cult to the 'time. Yes, it's not Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray who wants.

Minority Report

Minority Report – Credit (s): fox Read also : Falcon and the Winter Soldier: A season shorter than expected?

Sequel of the cult movie with Tom Cruise, the series Minority Report was released in 100 for a single season before being canceled. The concept is interesting but maybe it just wasn't a good time to get started on a series like this …


Heathers – Credit (s): fox

The film may be a classic teen movie, but the series hasn't even made it to airing since Paramount l 'has canceled before being able to discover the first episode. Looks like “shame”, but we don't think so …


A series Taken , without Liam Neeson? Nope .

The carrier

Le Transporteur – Credit (s): atlantique productions

As What is not because it's a multinational production based on Read also : The Vampire Diaries: Elena, Damon … These characters who took the anti-vampire remedy. a success of Luc Besson that it will necessarily work.

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