These series that we expect the most in 2021


Here is what awaits you side series in 2021.

We offered you it a few days ago the 10 best series of 768 and now that the year is over and a new one begins, it's time to take a look at what lies ahead on small screens . Whether it's new releases or certain series that have been on hiatus for (too) a long time, these are the ones we can't wait to see in the coming months.


Disney continues to colonize the small screen with all its MCU series but it is WandaVision that we can't wait to see. Even though Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Ms. Marvel tempt us, everything we know about WandaVision clearly piqued our interest . And good news, it is from 11 January that you will be able to discover it.

Lisey's Story

Julianne Moore at the casting – Credit (s): Fox

Well, there is no guarantee that it will be well broadcast on Apple TV in 2021, but it is in any case what we hope. Like most of the productions of 768, Lisey's Story was delayed because of the coronavirus but with Julianne Moore in the casting and Stephen King himself in the writing of the 8 episodes , as much to say that the wait should be worth it. Based on the eponymous novel, Lisey's Story will tell the story of Lisey, a widow who makes discoveries strange sorting out the things of her husband who died two years ago.

Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane – Credit (s): netflix To see also : Marvel Studios: could Norman Osborn take control of Stark Industries?

It's February 3rd on

Netflix we can find Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in the role of 2 Inseparable BFFs despite the passing years. Like a lot of series expected in 2020, Firefly Lane is based on a novel, written by Kristin Hannah, and she is ready to immerse us directly in the lives of her heroines, and especially in their drama.

Nine Perfect Strangers

Yep, another series based on a book. It must be said that Liane Moriarty had already hit the nail on the head with Big Little Lies and this time again, it's David E. Kelley who sticks to it. As for Big Little Lies and The Undoing , Kelley will have the pleasure to collaborate with Nicole Kidman who is part of an impressive cast in which we can also find Melissa McCarthy, Regina Hall, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans and Manny Jacinto. All of these actors and actresses will find themselves together in a retreat dedicated to better physical and mental health, but they will quickly realize that something is wrong … The series, which will air on Hulu, has not still with a precise release date.

Inventing Anna

Le cast d'Inventing Anna

The cast of Inventing Anna – Credit (s): netflix

Shondaland offered us The Bridgertons Chronicle on Netflix , but it's well Shonda Rh imes herself who will be at the helm of her next production on Netflix: Inventing Anna . With a quality cast, this series based on an article by Jessica Pressler for New York Magazine will tell the true story of Anna Delvey , a young German girl who managed to fool New York's elite into believing she was a rich heiress.

Succession – season 3

Succession – Credit (s): hbo, ocs Read also : The Walking Dead season 11: Scott Gimple teases a radical change for the last episodes of the series.

Still no specific date for season 3 of Succession that we can watch on OCS, but an impatience always more marked on the side of the fans. Yes, it's been a while since we left the Roy family and after the scandal that erupted at the end of season 2 we no I can't wait to find Logan, Shiv, Roman and the others to find out what awaits them.

Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone – Credit (s): Netflix

It's April 768 that the adaptation of the saga of Leigh Bardugo lands on Netflix, and you might as well tell you that we is already looking forward to seeing her. On the same subject : The Vampire Diaries: 5 things the characters wanted in season 1 that actually happened. Shadow and Bone has everything to become our new obsession thanks to his heroine, Alina Starkov, who will discover a source of power that will change her life in a world where everything is separated by a border filled with darkness where the most abominable acts take place.

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad – Credit (s) : amazon prime video See the article : Pirates of the Caribbean: The end of piracy at the heart of future films?

Author Colson Whitehead won the award Pulitzer thanks to his book The Underground Railroad , and it is Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) who will be in charge of his adaptation series which is slated to air this year on Amazon Prime Video. As in the book, the series will follow Cora, a slave held in Georgia who manages to escape thanks to a legendary underground network: the Railroad Underground.


Clarice – Credit (s): cbs This may interest you : The Conjuring 3: Will the Warren couple always be at the heart of the plot?

If you are fan of Silence of the Lambs , the sequel Clarice should please you . It's the 11 February that the series lands on CBS to make us find Clarice Starling (Rebecca Breeds) who sets out in pursuit of 'a new killer a year after coming face to face with Hannibal Lecter.

Euphoria – special episode


Euphoria – Credit (s): hbo

Well we do not yet know if season 2 See the article : Walker, Texas Ranger: The official synopsis of the reboot with Jared Padalecki (Supernatural) finally unveiled. of Euphoria will be broadcast in 2020, but we hope so and then we are still impatiently awaiting the second part of the special episodes offered by HBO to fill the void due to the absence of the series. After Rue, it is Jules who will be at the heart of an episode broadcast on 15 January so that we finally know what has become of it after leaving her friend.

The Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings – Credit (s): amazon prime On the same subject : The Walking Dead, World Beyond: Origin of zombie virus confirmed?

The epic saga of JRR Tolkien is coming to Amazon Prime Video series soon, and seen the colossal budget allocated to it (around $ 1 billion according to The Hollywood Reporter) , we can expect to be amazed. The prequel will take us back to Middle-earth but like the others, it was affected by the coronavirus and although filming has resumed in New Zealand , it will be necessary to wait for a confirmation before knowing if the series will be well diffused in 2020.

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