This Is Us season 5: Chrissy Metz teases Kate's secret pregnancy


The This is Us Season 5 Winter Finale featured a major reveal that shocked fans. Chrissy Metz has made some confidences on Kate's terrible secret!

This is Us Season 5 Midseason Finale ended with a huge reveal that no one had seen coming. As Kate met the biological mother of her “future child,” she displayed a great deal of empathy which was finally explained in the final minutes of the episode. We finally learned that the teenage Kate had gotten pregnant but hadn't told anyone about it … The child appeared to be Marc's and from the first clues, Kate had had an abortion. An unbearable mystery that could be solved in the next episodes of season 5 of This is Us … But to wait, Chrissy Metz made some confidences on this shocking plot of This is Us .

What really happened? – Credit (s): NBC This may interest you : Lucifer season 6: can the devil die?

Chrissy Metz did disclosures to TVLine regarding the big announcement of his character to Toby and the direction it could take in season 5 of This is Us . Deluding on this past pregnancy, the actress explained: “ What is really shocking is that 'she never even told Toby. So, it's going to be really interesting to see what ends up unfolding in regards to this really huge event in her life. It's something that she didn't. never, like never, shared with anyone, and never had. ” According to her, it was because of her feelings of guilt that Kate turned to food . “She stifled her feelings.” In any case, Chrissy Metz did not claim that Kate had an abortion in This is Us … Is it possible that she continued her pregnancy to term and then abandoned her baby ?

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