This Is Us season 5: episode 4, Kate makes a sad discovery in the promo video


It's time to check out the promo video for episode 4 of This Is Us season 5, “Honestly”.

After the broadcast of episode 3 of This Is Us season 5 which gave us its usual share of revelations about the Pearson family, it's time to take a look at the promo video for episode 4, airing next week on NBC . Kate and Toby just recently met Ellie, the birth mother of their potential unborn child, and it seems to have gone pretty well between them … Yet in the teaser for “Honestly” , we can see Jack's daughter and Rebecca find the pregnant woman and understand that she finally seems to have doubts about confiding in the couple her future child . Ow, Kate and Toby's dream is about to be shattered …

Is Ellie going to back down? – Credit (s): nbc

In the promo video of episode 4 of This Is Us , we can also discover a flashback from Jack who seems worried about not revealing the right message to his three children. As for Kevin, the meeting with his new film director seems slightly complicated . Precisely, the synopsis of “Honestly” announces that the actor will have difficulty connecting to him. Will his new project be jeopardized? As for Malik, Deja's boyfriend, he will come to overshadow Randall in his work, as the synopsis also reveals. No doubt, we should still see a lot of twists in the Pearson family. It remains to be seen whether

the biological mother of Randall is still alive in This Is Us season 5.