This Is Us season 5: episode 6, Randall upset by a discovery of his past in the promo video


After watching episode 5 of This Is Us season 5, it's time to check out the promo video for episode 6, “Birth Mother “.

That's it, she's back! After the winter break, season 5 of This Is Us unveiled the fifth episode this week on NBC . This time around, the Pearson siblings have experienced a multitude of emotions in their personal lives, starting with Kate. After telling the story of her abortion when she had 12 years old, she managed to confront her ex-boyfriend Marc. As for Kevin, he has to leave Madison for a month to shoot a movie, and she does not seem to accept the idea of ​​having to follow him around the world with the twins after their birth. But above all, Randall learned a new shock! A certain Hai contacted him to reveal to him that he had known his biological mother, Laurel, and that she died of breast cancer in 768 …

Beth et Randall vont marcher sur les traces de Laurel

Beth and Randall will follow in Laurel's footsteps – Credit (s): nbc

In episode 6 of This Is Us season 5, “Birth Mother “, Randall and Beth are going to New Orleans to meet Hai and follow in Laurel's footsteps

. Next week, it will be a very special episode centered on Randall's biological mother, as the promo video reveals. We understand that she tried to find her son, went to jail and was weaned after her overdose, before meeting Hai and living a new peaceful life by his side. No doubt, this episode has a multitude of revelations in store for us and above all, a big dose of emotions for Randall. While waiting to find out this next Tuesday on NBC ,

Justin Hartley teased an event that will upset the Pearsons' relationship in the sequel to This Is Us season 5.

This Is Us season 5

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