This Is Us season 5: Justin Hartley teases an event that will upset the Pearson relationship


Season 5 of This is Us still has many surprises in store for us and one event risks upsetting all the relations of the Pearson family …

After long weeks of absence due to the winter break, episode 5 of season 5 of This is Us will finally be released from this evening on NBC. In other words, there will be many twists and turns and this Winter Premiere should be centered on Kate and her secret that she was about to reveal to Toby. She got pregnant as a teenager and didn't tell anyone … Did she have an abortion? The mystery hovers! Anyway, season 5 of This is Us has even more surprises and intense moments in store for us! Actor Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin in This is Us , made some on the continuation of the series and an event will upset the relations of Pearson.

What's going to happen ? – Credit (s): NBC

Expect many twists and turns in season 5 of This is Us . Justin Hartley revealed: “ There is going to be a moment of great moment that will change the course of each with everyone. I mean, I'm trying to think of someone who isn't affected. Randall, Kate, Kevin of course, mom, Miguel, even. He's got some cool stuff coming up. Jack is pretty much the only one it doesn't affect – because he's dead. “ event speaks Kevin's interpreter? Is it possible that an iconic character will lose their life in the next episodes? While waiting to learn more, Find out if tensions between Kevin and Madison are to be expected in Season 5 of This is Us.