This Is Us season 5: Rendall meets his new therapist in the promo photos … is it his mother?


The promo photos of episode 3 of season 5 of This is Us have been revealed and tease the meeting between Rendall and his new therapist!

The two-part Season Premiere of This is Us Season 5 was particularly upsetting. The rift between the Big Three took a whole new turn and they did not celebrate their 19 th birthday together. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has been treated just like the Black Lives Matter movement. Rendall's suffering was moving and the family man made a big decision in this Season Premiere of Season 5 of This is Us . He desires a black therapist so that he really understands what he is feeling. This ad echoed a scene that shocked us deeply … Rendall's biological mother did is not dead! But then, could his future therapist be his mother?

A coincidence that points the tip of his nose. Since this shocking revelation, many theories have emerged regarding this season 5 of This is Us and fans are convinced that Rendall's therapist will be his mother … However, like the trailer for “Changes” revealed it, the Big Three has it seems found his new shrink and it's a man. In his kitchen, he explains to Beth: “ I think I found my guy to replace Dr Leigh. I have a longer Zoom session with him today. But he ticks all the boxes, Beth. He's cool, smart, funny, Black, a young dad – we have a lot in common . ” In addition, the promo photos of this episode 3 have been unveiled and show us Rendall facing his screen in full date … Will this man suit him or will he change advice and find another therapist (his mother)? This answer should be provided in episode 3 of season 5 of This is Us aired this 09 November on NBC.

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