Thor 4 Love & amp; amp; Thunder: Matt Damon and Sam Neill back, a first clue about the integration of the Multiverse in the film?


Could the return of Matt Damon and Sam Neill in Thor 4 Love & Thunder go beyond the simple cameo?

While Thor 4: Love & Thunder started filming, the first photos of the set having unveiled the costumes of Star-Lord and the Thunder God , the technical teams of Taika Waititi will also see Matt Damon and Sam Neill arrive in the coming weeks. Indeed, the two Hollywood stars expected in Australia will return in the fourth installment of the Adventures of the God of Asgard after a brief appearance at the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok. An unexpected comeback that more precisely makes us wonder what their role could be in the film after a humorous cameo of a few minutes in the previous feature film.

Matt Damon as Loki in Thor: Ragnarok. See the article : The trophy of the greatest seriesevore is yours if you find the names of these series characters. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Will it again be a lightning appearance that can offer a nice running gag to the universe of Thor? On the contrary, will the actors have an important role this time around in the plot? While it’s hard to imagine Matt Damon and Sam Neill returning for anything other than a cameo, it’s possible to imagine their characters playing a starring role in the movie. introduction of the Multiverse in Thor 4: Love & Thunder . Given the importance of alternate realities in the Next Phases of the MCU, it wouldn’t be surprising if

Taika Waititi chose to bring back the two actors so that they embody new versions of Loki and Odin. While nodding to their previous stint, the idea would make the film a decisive MCU adaptation to the Multiverse. In addition, some do not hesitate to compare Thor 4 to the most promising crossover of the next Marvel Phase while the series Loki should make the connection with the future adventures of the God of Asgard.

Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth and Sam Neill in Thor: Ragnarok. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios / Disney

However, it’s hard to imagine the characters of Matt Damon and Sam Neill being the alternate versions of Loki and Odin. Still via cameo, their characters could come to the aid of Thor during his return to Asgard, the latter being ultimately inhabitants of the Kingdom. If they were to appear in the roles of the late King and Prince of Asgard, one could imagine the latter helping the character of Chris Hemsworth through his mourning, Odin and Loki having now disappeared. In addition, it is not said that these two stars resume the costumes of the father and brother of the God of Thunder. Viewers might cross their path in a post-credits scene or in a predominantly humorous sequence that does not belong to the film’s main plot. To find out, we will unfortunately have to wait a long time, Love & Thunder only being expected in the spring 2022. Anyway, something tells us that the return of Matt Damon and Sam Neill in Thor 4 promises us a good laugh as only Taika Waititi has the secret!

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