Thor 4, Love & amp; amp; Thunder: The return of the Mjölnir confirmed?


Thor’s famous hammer could make a comeback in Thor 4, Love & Thunder.

The shooting of Thor 4, Love & Thunder is in full swing in Australia, which was the occasion to have confirmation of the Guardians of the Galaxy presence in the film. Another character, just as special, is also expected to return in this sequel. This is the Mjölnir, the famous hammer of the god of thunder. Chris Hemsworth’s understudy, Bobby Holland Hanton, has indeed shared a video on Tik Tok in which we see him s ‘train with a replica of the object. However, these images were first deleted before to be shared again, and this time with a tag mentioning Thor Ragnarok.

Despite the presence of this last detail, we still tend to think that it is indeed a training for Thor 4, Love & Thunder . On the one hand because the removal of the video probably did not happen by chance and may have been requested by Marvel , and on the other hand because of the song he chose. It is indeed Thunderstruck , from ACDC. A choice that could go completely unnoticed if it weren’t for the echoing rumors

of a transformation from Thor to Thunderstrike in Thor 4, Love & Thunder . Simple coincidence or real confirmation of the return of Mjölnir in this sequel? The answer will perhaps be brought to us thanks to new shooting photos. By the way, even though the video does indeed show a training session for Thor Ragnarok , the return of Jane Foster as the goddess of thunder suggests that she too will have her version of Mjölnir.

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