Thor 4, Love and Thunder: Guardians of the Galaxy all reunited in the cast?


The Guardians of the Galaxy will visibly appear alongside the God of Thunder in Thor 4, Love and Thunder.

Star-Lord is unlikely to be the only Guardian of the Galaxy featured in Thor 4, Love and Thunder . After Vin Diesel, alias Groot, or Pom Klementieff, the interpreter of Mantis, it is the turn of Dave Bautista, Drax, and Karen Gillan, Nebula, to land in Australia, location of the filming of the fourth opus. Although Bradley Cooper, who lends his voice to Rocket, misses the call, the presence of all these actors suggests that the Guardians of the Galaxy will indeed be playing Thor 4, Love and Thunder . Added to this is the fact that Chris Pratt confirmed his role in the film during a chat with Tom Holland which he shared on his Instagram account , and in which he mentions traveling to Australia to shoot the next Thor .

Drax, Thor fan since their meeting in Avengers Infinity War – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, Disney See the article : Ava 2 on Netflix: 3 things we'd love to see in the potential sequel with Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty).

The fact that the Guardians of the Galaxy appear alongside Thor in this sequel makes some sense. The god of thunder had indeed joined them at the end of Avengers Endgame , making them his new family. It remains to be seen what role the group could play in the plot of the blockbuster, and whether their presence will be simply anecdotal or not. One can also wonder if the “new” Gamora will join them. The one who is sure to have importance in Thor 4, Love and Thunder , c'est Christian Bale . The British actor will indeed interpret the bad guy of the story, I named Gorr, the Slayer of the Gods. For the moment, the film is scheduled for release on May 6 768 in the USA.

Credits: The Direct, Digital Spy, Chris Pratt (Instagram) 4309327

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