Thor 4, Love and Thunder: Which Ragnarok characters could return in the sequel?


Heimdall, the Grandmaster, Hela … Could these characters return in Thor 4, Love and Thunder? We are looking at the question.

Seen in Avengers Endgame in which she took part in the final battle, Valkyrie will be back in Thor 4, Love and Thunder , in which she should fully assume the role of Queen of the new Asgard. This will not be the case with the Topaz character, however, introduced in Thor Ragnarok . Its interpreter, Rachel House, has indeed recently admitted that his character probably had no chance of making a return in the sequel. His employer, the Grand Master, however, may have more chances. Played by Jeff Goldblum, the wacky ruler of Sakaar has managed to make his mark on the MCU and Thor fans alike, so many are hoping to see him again soon. However, it is assumed that if the Grandmaster were to return, it would undoubtedly be for a brief appearance. Another character present in Thor Ragnarok , the former guardian of Bifrost I named Heimdall, killed in Avengers Infinity War .

Heimdall in Thor Ragnarok – Credit (s): Marvel Studios Read also : Marvel Studios: MCU accused of recycling its actors for Phase 4?

The presence of his interpreter Idris Elba alongside Taika Waititi in Australia, just as the filming of Thor 4, Lover and Thunder seemed to have started, quickly intrigued fans. Unless Heimdall's resurrection is explained by some enchantment, only recourse to an alternate reality could ultimately bring him back to life. There were also rumors of Hela's return, but it's harder to believe it, the page seeming to have been turned at the end of Thor Ragnarok . The story also seems to be over once and for all for Skurge, played by Karl Urban on the screen. Although he ended up changing sides, nothing seems to indicate his presence in Thor 4, Love and Thunder , even though Marvel Studios might be tempted to adapt the Asgardians of the Galaxy , of which he is part in the comics. The scenario of this sequel remains nevertheless very mysterious, who knows? We may not be at the end of our surprises!

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