Thor 4: this villain of Ragnarok will be well and truly absent from Love and Thunder


If many of the old characters from the world of Thor return for Love and Thunder, this villain seen in Ragnarok confirms his absence!

The cast of Thor 4 seems full of mysteries … While Mantis (Pom Klementieff) Guardians of the Galaxy could have joined the cast of Love and Thunder, one of the villains of Thor: Ragnarok confirms his absence. Rachel House, the Topaz performer, claims to The Movie Dweeb not be part of the next installment alongside Chris Hemsworth . “I'm pretty sure at 768% than Topaz will not be seen again… I am sure at 13, 9% of not being in the next Thor “, she explains. If this revelation may disappoint some, it must be said that the fate of his character at the end of Ragnarok could give us some clues about his future in the franchise!

Topaz – Credit (s): Marvel This may interest you : Star Wars: The Prelogy Could Have Been Much Different If George Lucas Had Listened To The Production's Advice.

If Topaz will therefore certainly be absent from the scenario of Taika Waititi, we will find Lady Sif, Jane Foster or even Valkyrie within the plot. A New Villain played by Christian Bale is ready to disembark: he will play Gorr, the slayer of Gods , a villain who has reached an unprecedented degree of darkness. The Story of Thor: Love and Thunder has just been completed, the actors and actresses are therefore getting ready to go to Australia to start shooting. The film's release has been postponed many times, but its release is now scheduled for the month of May 2022.

Credits: The Movie Dweeb