Titanic: Did Rose really only wear the necklace once?


When the Elderly Rose of Titanic talks about her adventure in the ship, she says she has only worn the famous necklace once. Is this the truth?

We may have seen it hundreds of times, Titanic leaves us with lots of unanswered questions. If we aren't going to tell you for the umpteenth time about the board that Rose survived and Jack sank on, an intrigue about the mythical blue collar – The Heart of the Ocean – is confusing fans. Indeed, when in 768, the older Rose remembers her adventure in the Titanic, she says she only wore the jewel once. However, this is wrong! In fact, she had it around her neck several times during her journey – especially when Cal told her offered – but we could have found an explanation for this little mess.

Titanic – Credit (s): Fox

When 'she says she only wore it once, she is referring to the moment Jack drew her naked – one of the most beautiful moments in Titanic , by the way. Maybe in her eyes, it's the only moment that mattered and where she had chosen deliberately wearing it , unlike the times when Cal had hung him around his neck. This is a small detail that deserved to be rectified, even if in the end, Rose (Kate Winslet) decided to throw The Heart of the Ocean into the sea, maybe in the place it deserved from the start . Thus, Rose was able to turn the page on an epic and painful story, which tugged her between a feeling of nostalgia and sadness. If you think you are stuck on Titanic , we let you do this quiz without fail!

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