Tomorrow belongs to us: Charlie is hiding something, Flore and Jeanne at war … What do the next episodes have in store for you? (SPOILERS)


It's time to find out what to expect next week in Tomorrow is ours.

You saw it this week in Tomorrow belongs to us, Sacha is hiding a big secret from his family , since he is responsible for the car accident that claimed the life of his wife and deprived his daughter of the use of her legs. In the next episodes of the series of TF1 , Clémentine will push him to reveal the truth to his clan, and he will first start with his brother Tristan. But will Sacha really have the courage to face his children? Actually, Ben could find out the secret before his father tells him about it … Besides, the investigation into the theft of money at the Spoon will continue. But could the affair indirectly be linked to Solenne's family? Mystery. At the same time, Charlie will regain the use of speech and we will discover that she is hiding something about her assault.

If the teenager still seems to point to Sofia as responsible for her assault, in reality Charlie is manipulating something … and is ready to blackmail so as not to reveal who really attacked her . Finally, the police will pinpoint the truth in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us , while tongues will be released . As for Flore and Jeanne, cohabitation will be unlivable at the Mas and Alex's mother will prefer to move in with Chloé. This story is not likely to ease the tensions between the two ex. Finally, Georges will come back to work at the police station and his return will be quite eventful! While waiting to find Tomorrow belongs to us from Monday at 19 h 01 sure TF1 , find out what awaits you next week in Here it all begins.

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