Tomorrow belongs to us: Does Morgane's brother arrive for an unexpected romance with a character? (SPOILERS)


Will Morgane's brother have an unexpected love affair with a character in Tomorrow belongs to us?

We recently announced it to you, two new characters will land in Tomorrow belongs to us this week , in particular Franck Gého, Morgane's brother. The man embodied by Franck Sémonin (Plus belle la vie, Research section) hides some secrets and risks causing quite a stir in Sète over the next few episodes. We will quickly discover that Morgane's brother has the means to afford a dream life and above all, that he is very seductive! Franck Gého could also be led to live a totally unexpected love story with … Anne- Marie, Sandrine's mother! In addition to the clues sown in the trailer of the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us of 14 at 18 December, his interpreter left doubt in the interview.

Franck Simonin, who now lends his features to Franck Gého in Tomorrow belongs to us sure TF1 , revealed to our colleagues from Télé Star : “While traveling to Sète to go see Morgane (Marie Catrix), his sister, he will meet Anne-Marie (Véronique Jannot). They will take sympathy for each other … And more if affinities. “ There is therefore a strong risk of seeing a romance set in between the two characters! And obviously, this unexpected rapprochement will not please Sandrine at all. New tensions will therefore be expected in the next episodes of TF1 . While waiting to see this very soon, discover already

the many surprises that tomorrow has in store for us. 2020.

Credits: / Télé Star