Tomorrow belongs to us: Franck even more odious, Samuel turned upside down by his memories of Leïla … What do the next episodes have in store for you? (SPOILERS)


Find out what will happen next week in Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1.

This week in Tomorrow belongs to us, we discovered that Franck was hiding a dark past with the suicide of his ex-wife … Who rather looks like a murder! The man seems to have pushed her to be able to inherit his money and intends to get rid of Anne-Marie and do the same after their marriage. If Sandrine is for the moment alone against everyone, she will be able to count on the support of Chloe who will realize that Anne-Marie is a victim. The two women will lead the investigation and arouse the curiosity of the police, while Franck will continue to be odious , in particular with Solenne. Precisely, faced with his disturbing behavior, Arthur will also doubt Morgane's brother and start to join Sandrine's camp. At the same time, Judith will continue to suffer at the Mas in the company of Jeanne and Alex, but will try to hold on so as not to return to live with her mother.

Next week in Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 , Samuel, for his part, will experience very disturbing moments when he meets a patient of William, who will make him think a lot of Leïla … A bit as if the doctor saw the ghost of his ex-girlfriend! At the same time, Bart will continue to get closer to his employee Louise, starting to have feelings for her, but his friend Sara will warn him. Finally, Charlie will move on after his relationship with Jules and spend an enormous amount of time with Gabriel, even going so far as to kiss him. Will the two really make a strong couple, or is this some sort of revenge on the teenager's part? Mystery! While waiting to discover this from Monday at 12 h 10 sure TF1 , know that

two characters from Tomorrow Belongs to Us will land in Here It All Starts next week.

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