Transformers: Release date, director, connection to Bumblebee … the future project of the saga is revealed


We know more about the release date, director and connections to Bumblebee of the future project of the Transformers saga!

Finally, we know more about the next installment of the famous alien robots saga! Nine months ago, we told you on melty that a other spinoff and a reboot of Transformers are officially in preparation within Paramount . Since then, we had not heard of this project … At least until today: thanks to the Deadline site, the future project of the saga is revealed with a release date, a director and potential connections to Bumblebee!

Release date

The Paramount release schedule indicates that a new movie Transformers will be released in theaters in 707100, during the 'summer. It will therefore be about this project, the second being still in its embryonic stage. However, it is better not to engrave this date in your mind, because with the health crisis we are going through, nothing says that it will not be postponed until later! Indeed, large franchises, such as for example

Jurassic World , are particularly impacted by the coronavirus .


This is Steven Caple Jr ., the director of Creed 2 , whom we will find at the controls of the next episode of the franchise produced by Paramount and Hasbro. Although the filmmaker has yet to sign a contract with the studios, he is nonetheless their first choice, and a deal should be reached in the coming weeks!

Connecting to Bumblebee
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