TV audiences: France 2 wins thanks to the film "3 Billboards"

TV audiences: France 2 wins thanks to the film "3 Billboards"

Nice card this Sunday January 10 for France 2 which programmed for the first time in clear "3 Billboards: the panels of revenge". The film, for which Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell both won an Oscar, was watched by 4.3 million moviegoers, or 18.6% of television audiences. When it was released in theaters in January 2018, it had attracted nearly 900,000 spectators in France.

TF1 is second. The film "Alone on Mars", of which Matt Damon is the star, attracted 3.4 million viewers (16.5% audience share). When it was first unscrambled on March 18, 2018, it attracted 4.7 million people (21.7% audience share).

France 3 completes the podium by broadcasting the first episode of season 7 of the “Morse Investigations”. British fiction has gathered 3 million aficionados (12.5% of PDA). This is a little more than the launch of season 6 on May 12, 2019 (2.8 million, 12.1% PDA).

France 5 in form with "the Snails in drool"

M 6 is only fourth with an issue of “Forbidden Zone” devoted to non-binary adolescents and young adults, who do not feel like a girl or a boy. The magazine presented by Ophélie Meunier attracted 2. See the article : This Is Us season 5: episode 5, tensions between Kevin and Madison in the promo video.2 million curious people (9.9% of PDA). A score lower than that of the last show of December 27 on French people who have decided to radically change their lives (2.6 million, 11.2% of PDA).

On the other channels, W9 is in the lead thanks to the film “Antigang” with Jean Reno which was seen by 1.2 million viewers (4.9% of PDA). France 5 is also in good shape with the food documentary "Les Escargots en bavent" which aroused the curiosity of 1.1 million individuals, or 4.3% of the public.

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