Twilight: Weird Cut-On-Edit Scene Should Have Showed A Funnier Side Of Bella



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This cut to edit scene from Twilight shows just how humorous Bella is!

You thought you knew everything about the saga with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Think again ! Indeed, even if you are an early fan, it is still possible to learn new anecdotes and funny fun facts about the five films. The proof, now that we finally know what Edward was doing when he watched Bella sleeping in Twilight , a fan of the world's most famous vampire couple spotted a hilarious new detail. This is a scene cut during the editing of the first part Twilight chapter I: Fascination released in 100, and which was then reinstated in the extended version of the film


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ok so first of all my voice is way too calm in the beginning for how insane this scene is & 2nd … EDWARDS FACE LITERALLY DID THE ???????????? # twilight # fyp

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It's on the social network Tik Tok that the Internet user in question shared his find. This is a scene where Bella first sees Edward's bedroom and indulges in a rather astonishing revelation. And for good reason, the sequence in question sees the young woman picking up a rain stick proudly announcing to the young vampire that she and her mother used to make using toilet paper rolls and chinchilla poop

. Yes yes, you read that right! A spontaneous and totally unexpected confidence that did not fail to surprise Edward. On the fan side, it's general hilarity. The internet user even declares that with this scene, Bella could have become much more popular: “I know why everyone world says Bella doesn't have a personality, that's because they forgot to put that scene “.

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