Venom 2: The crossover with Spider-Man (Tom Holland) confirmed by a costume?


A Halloween costume suggests that Spider-Man will indeed appear alongside Eddie Brock in Venom 2.

Will Tom Hardy be in the cast of Spider-Man 3 ? Will Tom Holland be in the cast of Venom 2 ? Can both scenarios happen? Ever since the anti-hero landed in the Marvel Universe from Sony Pictures, Spider-Man aficionados have been expecting a crossover to take place. For good reason, Eddie Brock and Peter Parker are linked in comic books, and one does not go without the other. A meeting on the big screen has become all the more likely since Disney and Sony Pictures have established a new agreement. However, for now, the presence of the Spider-Man in Venom 2 is only at the rumor stage. Speculation recently returned to the carpet after a Venom Halloween costume went on sale , and on which a detail suggests that Spider-Man will indeed be present in the sequel.

It indeed has an element absent from the first film: a large white spider on the chest. Either a pattern present on the Venom costume in the comics. However, if this costume is related to Venom 2 as mentioned by the sites where it is sold, why Is there this spider? A probable explanation is the presence of Spider-Man in the plot. Unless Eddie Brock, aware of his existence, asks his symbiote to change his look and take inspiration from the young superhero. As mentioned earlier, the existence of Venom is directly linked to that of the Webweaver in the comics, which makes a future crossover very likely. Added to this is the fact that the movie Morbius also has a link with Spider-Man . Last possibility, this costume could be inspired by Venom , but also comics, without this having any real link with the sequel to the blockbuster.

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