Vikings season 6: could Ivar betray the Gods?


Fans are already speculating on Ivar's intentions in the final episodes of Vikings season 6.

The broadcast date of the last episodes of season 6 of Vikings is approaching and the series is therefore soon to be determined. And while one wonders if a cult character could return to avenge his death , another question torments fans of the Nordic series concerns the fate of Ivar the Boneless, played by Alex Høgh Andersen. Could it be that he betrays his Gods? The latter is on the wrong path anyway, now that he has joined the ranks of Prince Oleg to cleanse Scandinavia of his beliefs . He still sided with an army that wants to destroy its own Gods. But according to several fans, it is because he had no choice. “ It was either working with Oleg or being killed. Ivar wants fame, he will use any opportunity for it” , explains one of them on Reddit.

Ivar and Prince Oleg – Credit (s): History This may interest you : Shailene Woodley, Felicity Jones and Callum Turner in The Last Letter of Her Lover's First Photos.

According to this same fan, Ivar is secretly working against Prince Oleg. “We see how worried and sad Ivar is when Oleg announces his goal of eliminating paganism and having to confront Bjorn in this way” , he adds. And Michael Hirst , the creator of the Vikings series, explained that Ivar would be redeemed by the end of the season, but without explaining how. So, could this fan be right? Did Ivar side with Oleg just to thwart his plans? In a final teaser, Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars) can be heard say that the golden age of the Vikings is over. With that in mind, even if Ivar's intentions are good, he could miss his chance and Oleg could win. As a result, Ivar, along with the rest of the Vikings, would be forced to succumb to Christian beliefs. While waiting to find out, discover 4285286 the essential element that the final episodes of season 6 of Vikings!

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