Vikings season 6: Fate of Ivar, future of Ubbe … the 3 essential things to remember about the end of the series


Season 6 of Vikings, and therefore the series, is over and here’s what to remember.

Shortly after we either returned to the end of the last episode of season 6 of Vikings , we are still interested in the series of Michael Hirst to, this time, underline the essential of 10 last episodes. Yes, the adventure is now over for all the characters but it is not the significant events that were missing in the second part of the season. Watch out for big spoilers in what will follow.

The death of Ivar

The death of Ivar – Credit (s): history

We wouldn’t have seen the series ending without Ivar’s death, as tragic as it may have been. It is however in the very last episode of the series that Ivar the Boneless is killed, having nevertheless survived until seeing the Vikings gathered to fight against the English. Beyond the tragic fate to which he was doomed because of his bellicose personality and limitless ambition, Ivar’s death also represents a certain redemption thanks to the way it unfolds. Ivar goes to fight knowing that he is more fragile than ever and that he will probably not survive . He welcomes death with open arms to find himself in Valhalla, but also perhaps to allow his brother Hvitserk to go his own way. With Ivar around, Hvitserk always ended up following in his footsteps and fighting alongside him. Ivar dead, he leaves the choice to Hvitserk to finally be at peace.

Alex Høgh Andersen is here on the death of his character in the very last episode of season 6 of Vikings .

The new life of Ubbe

Ubbe with Floki – Credit (s): history

The series has started with Ragnar’s desire to explore new territories and discover new lands, and it is Ubbe who fulfills his destiny in the final season. He even goes so far as to reunite with Floki to form a new duo, like his father and his best friend long ago. Thanks to Ubbe, it is on a touch of hope that Vikings

ends, with the discovery of America and all the possibilities open to those who followed him . One way to mark a new start that we can decide to imagine since, historically speaking, it will take a long time before the Vikings land in America.

The conversion of Hvitserk

Hvitserk converti

Each in his own way and as they have been since the departure, the sons of Ragnar embody a certain part of him. If Ivar is his warrior instinct and Ubbe his desire for exploration, Hvitserk perfectly embodies his intellectual curiosity. It is therefore not so surprising that, once Ivar is dead, Hvitserk decides to convert to Christianity and even adopt a new name, the same as that of a man who introduced this religion to Ragnar: Athelstan. A nice way to pay homage to the character and to show once again that, despite his death, Ragnar did remain present until the very end from the Serie.