Vikings season 6: several characters adored by fans will die in the final episodes


The end of season 6 of Vikings is coming and it will be deadly for several characters.

While we recently revealed to you the real reason why there will be no Vikings season 7 , this time we come back to the end of season 6 and the teasing disturbing from showrunner, Michael Hirst. It is already known that a new war is brewing and that since Bjorn has survived his injuries, there could be another clash between Bjorn and Ivar, which could result in the death of one or both of them. If this is what the fans fear, they can now know that their fears are justified since the series will end without several characters, some of them very popular .

Bjorn in season 6 – Credit (s): history

“The end of the series was hard to write, it was really emotional because it meant I had to kill some of my favorite characters . All this season, and especially in these 02 last episodes, it was very hard emotionally for me, I lost sleep. But at the same time, I also felt some relief to come to the end “. Adventure Vikings will have lasted several years and it is clear that the farewells will be difficult

, but it is wiser to know how to stop a series than to pull the rope indefinitely. Vikings is coming to an end and we have a few days left to wonder who will not survive it. Until we find out, we 'is also asked if

Ingrid was going to become a shieldmaiden in Vikings season 6.

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