Vikings season 6: spoiler returns to the death of his character in the very last episode of the series


Vikings season 6 ended without this character.

A few hours after revealing the dead , the victories and everything that happens in the last episodes of season 6 of Vikings , we continue with the spoilers by looking at one death in particular. Again, watch out for big spoilers on 03 episodes of the second part of season 6 , recently released on Canal . While Bjorn's death was not such a surprise given his injuries, Ivar's was more difficult to take, especially since he survives until the last episode, but not until the last episode. end. Actor Alex Høgh Andersen recently opened up about Ivar's death and how it made him feel.

Hvitserk and Ivar – Credit (s): history On the same subject : The Mandalorian season 2: This scene from Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker reveals Ahsoka Tano's sad ending.

“I really like the way Ivar died. It was my idea that he was stabbed by a stranger, to me it's more authentic. life is fragile, it's not just the gods, Valhalla etc. Sometimes it can just be a random English dude on the battlefield stabbing you, and voila. I find the simplicity of the gesture speaks volumes, and it was really great nial to die in the arms of Hvitserk. Frankly I am very satisfied “. Alex Høgh Andersen also pointed out that for him, Ivar was doomed to die before the end of the series and that he is very happy that his character died and that the series ended right after. Despite his handicap and his bellicose character, Ivar the Boneless will still have survived until the near end and we already know that he is not about to die in the hearts of fans, just like these series characters whose death we still have not recovered in 768 .

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