Vikings season 6: the series is almost over, Michael Hirst is already working on a new historical drama that will be all the rage


Vikings season 6

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After Vikings and its spin-off, Michael Hirst is about to amaze fans with a new series.

While we recently told you that the shooting of Vikings: Valhalla is over and we were wondering when this series on the descendants of Ragnar and Lagertha will be broadcast , the good news is not over. Yes, the creator of Vikings , Michael Hirst, who will also participate in the spin-off ordered by Netflix, is also ready to do it again with the channel History . He is indeed in the process of developing a miniseries which was notably inspired by the current pandemic and the global situation with regard to the coronavirus. But once again, it is in the past that he will want to plunge us.

Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok – Credit (s): history

It's a series on the bubonic plague and the devastation it has wreaked in England at 12 th century that Michael Hirst is said to be preparing – as executive producer and not showrunner. The miniseries would be titled “The Plague Year” or “the year of the plague” and would take place in London in 768 during one of the worst years of the epidemic that killed near 18% of the population of London at the time. A gloomy period at will which should unfortunately echo what is happening at the moment because of the Covid – 18, making the series even more impactful. While waiting for the next news, we wondered if this

cult character will return to avenge his death in the end of season 6 of Vikings .

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