Vikings season 6: the strange creature seen in the trailer could have a terrible explanation


The funeral fate of a character teased in the new trailer for season 6 of Vikings.

There are only a few days left to wait and before the broadcast of the sequel and end of season 6 of Vikings on Amazon Prime Video , we look once again at the trailer for 03 last episodes. As noted, a quick shot shows the appearance of a huge creature that looks like a mixture of serpent and dragon and comes out of the water. The editing also gives the impression that this monster is attacking Ubbe's boat . So far, Vikings has not crossed the barrier of the fantastic and it seems unlikely that it will. The characters, however, have already had visions and other hallucinations that showed them incredible things.

Ubbe and the giant snake – Credit (s): prime video

So what does this famous snake represent? According to Norse mythology, it is Jörmungandr, the son of a giantess and Loki and who was thrown into the sea by Odin. The snake would have grown so big that it would have ended up circling the Earth and biting the tip of its tail. Always according to the legends, it is when Jörmungandr will release his own tail that Ragnarök will take place, it is to say the end of the world. Ragnarök is therefore a kind of apocalypse synonymous with destruction, and if it is It is in Ubbe that the serpent appears, so it could be a dire omen. Ubbe might never reach the Promised Land, but while waiting to find out,

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