Vikings season 6: This cult character about to return to avenge his death?


The last episodes of season 6 of Vikings could be an opportunity for this character to avenge his death.

While we were wondering Not long ago if the release date of the last episodes of season 6 of Vikings has finally been revealed – the Prime Video German mentioned 30 December without that this has been confirmed – today we are looking at the intrigues. There are only episodes left for the coming soon series end on History, and as we know it often happens that the writers bring back some important characters when a series is about to end . It often happened in Vikings since between their beliefs and some visions, it is always possible to see familiar faces again .

Le Seer – Credit (s): history Read also : Gray & apos; s Anatomy season 17: bad news for fans, the number of episodes has been revealed.

It is for this reason that we think that the Seer, a key figure in Viking society, could return to the season 6. Indeed the creator of the series Michael Hirst has already implied that he might not really be dead because of his special nature, which would make his return possible. As a reminder, the Seer was killed by Ivar who did not appreciate that he told him that, contrary to what he thought, he wasn't necessarily doomed to become a God. The Seer made a few reappearances after that to characters needing guidance, such as Bjorn did.

Floki and the Seer – Credit (s): history

If the Seer comes to life to avenge his death, he could do make a strong impression on Ivar and teach him a lesson. And since Michael Hirst teased a radical change in Ivar's attitude in the last episodes , it could come from a very humility news caused by the return of the Seer, this sacred being in Viking culture that Ivar dared to kill. It is in any case an interesting possibility which would allow to see this character again before the end of the series. Other theories however think that it is Floki who will take the place of the Seer, and while waiting to know if this will be the case, here is according to us 4282883 the essential element that the final episodes of Vikings season 6 are missing.

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