Vikings vs Game of Thrones: Who of Ragnar or Jon Snow would win in a fight to the death? We have the answer


What if 2 mythical characters from Vikings and Game of Thrones clash?

While we recently revealed to you what Jon Snow was thinking when he killed Daenerys in season 8 of Game of Thrones , this time it is an imaginary scenario that we lend ourselves to . Jon is in the lineage of many heroes admired by fans of series, some of whom also know very well another epic success story: Vikings . So some fans had fun imagining what a clash between the mysterious Ragnar Lothbrok and the valiant Jon Snow could look like .

Who of these 2 outstanding warriors would win? Based on the many fan reactions, the suspense isn’t as great as you might think.

Ragnar Lothbrok vs. Jon Snow – Credit (s): history, hbo

According to them, the leader of Kattegat, Ragnar, would have almost no trouble winning a duel against Jon Snow. Despite a particularly powerful sword thanks to the Valyrian steel, those who watch the 2 series think that Ragnar has better fighting technique, and is much more experienced than Jon

. He would then have the advantage and use his rage to fight, which we have so often seen just before the battles in Vikings , to crush his enemy. Even though we know that Jon would defend himself with honor, we also tend to think that he is no match for Ragnar … And while waiting to know what imaginary next fight the fans could come up with, here is the improbable look of Cersei Lannister that we escaped in Game of Thrones .

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