Virgin River season 2: Jack's tragic past explored?


In a few days, season 2 of Virgin River will land on Netflix and Jack's terrible past will be explored in these next episodes!

Last December, the serevores happily discovered a new series on Netflix. The first season of Virgin River charmed the hearts of spectators . The series, based on the saga of 15 books by author Robyn Carr, was so well received that she was entitled to one season 2. Moreover, this 21 November, the next episodes will be available on the streaming platform. New dramas are to be expected and Mel will be in the heart of a love triangle. The fact that Jack is expecting a child with Charmaine will upset her and she will not want to interfere with them … However, the chemistry between them is undeniable and it is possible that they end up together. Anyway, this season 2 of Virgin River will also explore Jack's dark past in war!

Secrets revealed! – Credit (s): Netflix

In the first season of Virgin River, which airs on Netflix , fans got glimpses of what happened to Jack and others characters during the war

, but showrunner, Sue Tenney, revealed to TVLine that we would get more information on these tragic events in season 2. “ We will indeed shed light on what Jack, Preacher and Brady (the man who steals the bar) lived during the war. Jack feels responsible to Brady because, having lost one soldier under his command, he is determined never to lose another. Although Brady will continue to test Jack's engagement “, explained the showrunner. Moments rich in emotions are therefore to be expected in this season 2 of Virgin River!

Virgin River season 2

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