Virgin River: Will Mel and Jack have the right to a happy ending if the series is renewed?


Season 2 of Virgin River ended on a huge cliffhanger … But then , if the series is renewed by Netflix, will Mel and Jack have the right to a happy-ending?

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Season 2 of Virgin River landed on 27 last November on Netflix and it was full of twists and turns. Mel was in the middle of a love triangle between Jack and Charmaine, who is expecting twins. Eventually, Mel agreed to let happiness come into her life and decided to give Jack a chance because he makes her happy. Unfortunately, in the final moments of the Season Finale of this season 2 of Virgin River, Jack was shot and his life was in danger … The nurse discovered him on the floor of his bar and we wonders what will happen next, if and only if the series is renewed for a season 3 by Netflix! Is a happy ending still possible for the flagship duo of Virgin River?

A little happiness? – Credit (s): Netflix

Mel and Jack's future may not seem particularly brilliant at the moment, but Virgin River fans can take comfort in knowing that as long as there are books to draw inspiration from (and if Netflix renews the series) , there will be hope. The showrunner of the series, Sue Tenney, revealed to TVLine : “ In the end, the way I look at the show is we're going to have as many seasons as possible. And when we get to this final season, we want them to be where [l’auteur du livre Robyn Carr] has them . ” So, while possible future seasons of the series may send characters on slightly different journeys than the novels, their destinations remain the same. It is therefore quite possible that Mel and Jack will finally have the right to a happy-ending, at some point given! But it is necessary that Netflix gives him the opportunity.

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