Walker: episode 2, Walker will try to reconnect with his family in the promo video


Walker, Texas Ranger

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Last night Walker’s Pilot aired on the CW. After watching it, it’s time to discover the promo video for episode 2, titled “Back in the Saddle”.

No sooner had he left the screens than Jared Padalecki is already back! After playing the role of Sam Winchester for 12 years in Supernatural , Jensen Ackles’ sidekick landed the title role in the Walker reboot, Texas Ranger. Last night Walker’s pilot aired on the CW and it was quite promising. The series centered around a family drama, that of the Walker family, but one wonders if that will be enough to keep viewers going. In any case, the promo video of episode 2 of this reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger a been unveiled by the CW and tease Walker’s desires.

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As This promo video of episode 2 of 2021 Walker , the character of Jared Padalecki will attempt to reconnect with her two children and it will not be easy

. Moreover, as we learn from the synopsis of “Back in the Saddle” , Walker will continue to try to reconnect with his family but will find that his children have developed new routines with Liam (Keegan Allen). Back at work, Captain James will tell Walker that he will need to be recertified to be a Ranger, but old memories of Emily will hamper his progress. For his part, Micki will investigate a suspicious fire. Pending its release on 23 next January,

find out if Chuck Norris gave his blessing for the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot.