WandaVision: Could Disney + Series Be The MCU's Biggest?


To believe the many details and clues already unveiled, WandaVision could have a very important role in the MCU.

When an American sitcom meets a Marvel Studios movie. This is how the Disney WandaVision series is described, including one new clip was unveiled a few days ago. Under its appearances of action comedy, this show made in MCU could however have an important role to play in the upcoming phases if we are to believe the many clues and details revealed since the launch of the project. Starting with its direct link with certain films. The presence of Scarlet Witch has indeed been confirmed in the casting of Doctor Strange 2 , but the nature of his involvement is not yet known. WandaVision and this suite are nevertheless probably connected.

Wanda Maximoff and Vision in WandaVision – Credit (s): Disney This may interest you : The Conjuring 3: Will the Warren couple always be at the heart of the plot?

Added to this is the fact that the series also counts among its characters an adult version of Monica Rambeau, the daughter of Maria Rambeau alias Carol's best friend Danvers in Captain Marvel . Monica also scheduled to be on Captain Marvel 2 , we imagine that this second opus will refer to the events that she will have lived in WandaVision . For now, the Disney show would therefore be connected to at least two MCU films. This is without counting the many theories and rumors that make the series the perfect medium to adapt certain plots taken from the X-Men comic books and in which Scarlet Witch creates her own alternate reality, thus leading to major changes for the Avengers. .

Wanda Maximoff and Vision in WandaVision – Credit (s): EW, Marvel Studios

Even if this last speculation turns out not to be verified, the series will still introduce the notion of alternate reality which will be at the heart of phase 4 of the MCU. In addition to forming links with various stages of the next chapters of the Marvel Studios universe, 4304546 WandaVision will therefore include major concepts, in addition to introducing (or reintroducing) characters whose role could be key. If we are to believe Paul Bettany, the interpreter of Vision, the show will above all allow us to discover the MCU from a new perspective. Interviewed by Collider he declared “Episodes after episodes, the public will be able to remove layers after layers until may this beautiful puzzle be revealed for all to see and make sense. All crazy things are going to mean something. “ WandaVision Will it be the MCU's most important series? Maybe not, but it will most certainly play a decisive role, perhaps even more than we currently think. Discover WandaVision from January 2021 on Disney .

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