WandaVision: Episode 9, Doctor Strange, Avengers Infinity War, Captain America Civil War … These easter eggs you shouldn't miss


The last episode of WandaVision contained many nods to the rest of the Marvel universe that absolutely should not be missed.

Final chapter of the series, episode 9 of WandaVision was especially eagerly awaited by fans of Marvel Studios. In addition to a final showdown as the MCU likes to do, the end of the show allowed Scarlet Witch to be introduced in due form in no more teaser what will unfold in the rest of phase 4. As always, the episode was also filled with references and other nods to the rest of the universe Marvel , but also to the comics from which the series was inspired. Discover below a compilation of easter eggs that you absolutely should not miss in the final chapter of WandaVision .

Captain America: Civil War

Wanda Maximoff dans Captain America: Civil War

Wanda Maximoff in Captain America: Civil War – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Make cars fly with your powers? That, Wanda, she knows! This is a technique that she not only used against Agatha Harkness in their final face to face, but also in Captain America: Civil War .

Avengers Infinity War

La mort de Vision des mains de Thanos dans Avengers Infinity War

Vision’s death at the hands of Thanos in Avengers Infinity War – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Avengers Infinity War didn’t quite end well for Vision, to say the least. It was indeed merciless that Thanos ripped the Spirit Stone from his forehead, killing him instantly. In this episode 9, we can see the White Vision attempting a similar blow during their fight.

The Wizard of Oz

La comparaison entre WandaVision et Le Magicien d'Oz

The comparison between WandaVision and The Wizard of Oz – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, MGM, Disney +, Buzzfeed

When Wanda inspects the rubble of the house to which she sent Agatha to waltz with the aid of a car, she only finds the latter’s boots. This image is a reference to the great classic The Wizard of Oz , in which the Evil Witch of the East is crushed by Dorothy’s house, and only her feet stick out.

White Vision

White Vision dans les comics Marvel

White Vision dans les comics Marvel

White Vision in the Marvel comics – Credit (s): Marvel Comics To see also : Black Panther 2: Cast, plot, release date … the latest details unveiled.

Tyler Hayward only had one only goal with its CATARACT project: to make Vision a weapon. The result was a completely white android whose only mission is to destroy its counterpart as well as Wanda. The new color of the latter is inspired by the comics Vision Quest , in which it is disassembled, then reassembled, reprogrammed, and returns to the Avengers with a new appearance.

Doctor Strange

Le Sorcier Suprême dans Doctor Strange

Le Sorcier Suprême dans Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange – Credit (s): marvel studios

Since its appearance in the In the MCU, many fans of the Marvel Universe regretted that Wanda Maximoff was put aside, despite her character being said to be one of the strongest. Fortunately, WandaVision was able to correct the situation more than once. In Episode 9, Agatha Harkness even describes her as more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme . You may be familiar with this term since it has already been used to describe a certain Doctor Strange.

WandaVision, episode 2

Vision dans l'épisode 2 de WandaVision

Vision in episode 2 of WandaVision – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, Disney +

Darcy Lewis is not the only one who is completely a fan of WandaVision . Jimmy Woo is also as evidenced by one of his lines in episode 9. Just after freeing himself from his handcuffs, he says “Flourish” in the original version. Exactly the same expression as Vision during the magic show of episode 2.

The Tear of Vision

Vision dans les comics, ému par la confiance des Avengers

Vision in the comics, moved by the confidence of the Avengers – Credit (s): Marvel Comics

Far be it for us to stir the knife in the wound as we return to Wanda and Vision’s heartbreaking farewells at the end of the episode, but this touching scene contains a particular detail. Vision indeed sheds a single tear. This iconic moment is taken from the number 58 comics Avengers , in which the android is so moved by the compliments of the other heroes and their confidence that he is forced to isolate himself in order to let a single tear fall, thus proving his human side.

X-Men Days of Future Past

Peter Maximoff dans X-Men Days of Future Past

Peter Maximoff in X-Men Days of Future Past – Credit (s): Fox

The truth has come out: the fake Pietro is really not Pietro, but a certain Ralph Bohner. Despite everything, the universe of X-Men started by Fox still had the right to its wink. This dear Ralph lives in a basement just for himself, his man cave , just like Peter Maximoff in X-Men Days of Future Past .

Iron Man

Le fameux I am Iron Man de Tony Stark dans le premier film consacré au héros

Tony Stark’s famous I am Iron Man in the first film dedicated to the hero – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

One of the most iconic lines in the MCU is hands down Read also : The Kissing Booth 3: Will she (Joey King) end up single at the end of the Netflix franchise? “I am Iron Man” , pronounced by Tony Stark from the first film Iron Man , but also in Avengers Endgame . A line that undoubtedly served as a reference for White Vision in this episode 9 when he ended up saying “I am Vision” , after his memories have been restored.

Spider-Man Far From Home

Une Skrull annonce à Monica qu'elle est attendue dans l'espace

A Skrull announces to Monica that she is expected in space – Credit (s) : Marvel Studios, Disney + See the article : Director of the film "The world is not enough", Michael Apted has passed away.

We hope you remained seated after episode 9 of WandaVision , since two post-generic scenes follow him. The first, in which Monica Rambeau has a date in space with an old acquaintance of her mother, is related to Spider-Man Far From Home . It is indeed thanks to the post-credits scenes of this latest blockbuster that we learned that the Skrulls were on Earth, but also that Nick Fury was working in space with them.

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