WandaVision: This detail about Scarlet Witch not to be missed in the new trailer


The WandaVision series should return to an important moment in the history of Scarlet Witch.

If there is one Marvel Studios series we can't wait for to discover on Disney , it's WandaVision . Straddling an American sitcom and a typical MCU blockbuster, this show which features the couple formed by Scarlet Witch and Vision is very intriguing. In particular the identity of the person at the origin of the alternative reality at the heart of the plot, and the links that the series will have with the film Doctor Strange 2 . With the start of the broadcast fast approaching, Marvel Studios has decided to pique the curiosity of fans and the public a little more by unveiling a promotional spot entitled Reality (see below). New images that contain, among other things, a reminder about the origins of Scarlet Witch.

At the end of the video, Wanda Maximoff is seen facing a blue glow that seems to expand as she approaches it and turns yellow . A yellow entity hidden in the heart of a blue one, does that remind you of anything? It would indeed be the famous stone of the Spirit, once imprisoned in a blue capsule and fixed on Loki's scepter. Wanda's outfit is also similar to the one she wore in the post-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier . In other words, this footage seems to trace Scarlet Witch's origins and when she got her powers. It remains to be seen whether this sequence will be of the order of flashback or a dream, see a nightmare. We are leaning more towards the latter option, especially since many rumors echo the presence of the super-villain Nightmare (Nightmare in French) in WandaVision . Fortunately, we won't have to wait too long for the answer. Just to stay in the theme, discover a nod to Iron Man hidden in the series trailer Loki .


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