We bet you forgot all those abandoned Game of Thrones storylines along the way


8 seasons, that leaves time to forget a few things …

While we were revealing to you recently how Daenerys was able to train her dragons in Game of Thrones , today we are looking at the plots of the series and especially those that have not really successful . Yep, a lot of apparently very important topics were covered without necessarily having a big impact afterwards, and since the series will never give us the final word, we just have to hope that George RR Martin does it in his books.

Azor Ahai, the Prince who was promised

The prophecy that Azor Ahai had to make his return, played by one of the characters, to overcome the long night and the White Walkers never really happened. If it was important for Melisandre, who first designated Stannis and then Jon as being “the Prince who was promised”, we know that neither of them killed the Night King. And we’re not even talking about Daenerys, named as Chosen One by the Red Priestess Kinvara.

Quaithe de Quarth

Like some characters from Game Of Thrones, Quaithe looked important for one episode before being completely put aside . We thought we would see her again because of her strange but truthful words, but she disappeared after her appearance in Quarth.

Jon “Aegon” Targaryen

Jon Snow – Credit (s): HBO

Why weren’t there more reactions after the revelation about Jon Snow’s true origins? Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s son certainly played a major role in the story, but the same can’t be said for his origins. Since Varys is believed to have sent scrolls to spread the news across Westeros, why haven’t the locals come forward to get him to the Iron Throne?

Abandoned babies to the White Walkers

Craster abandoned his son – Credit (s): hbo

A very fuzzy story set up in the fourth season of Game Of Thrones, the plot of the young sons of Craster given as an offering to the White Walkers has clearly not been explored as she deserved it. Of course, we imagine that they all became White Walkers in their turn, but in how long? And is that really the case for all of them?

Bran Stark and the title of Lord

Bran Stark – Credit (s): hbo

More of an inconsistency than an oversight, we wonder why the series wanted to show us a scene in which Bran explicitly says that he does not can never be Lord of Winterfell, nor Lord of anything , because he is the Three-Eyed Crow, and then becomes King of Westeros. No explanation was given for this drastic change in ambition and it is one of the many black spots of the 4315352 season 8 of Game of Thrones .