We peel them just by thinking of these characters from movies and series


When you complain that it's cold outside, think of those characters from movies and series who would have preferred to stay warm.

The temperatures are getting colder, it is high time to bring out all the panoply necessary to face winter: gloves, hats, scarves and above all – to combine style and comfort – fleece clothing Uniqlo . A luxury of warmth that would probably have appreciated having certain characters from films and series at certain times in their lives. We can no longer count the number of times we got cold – when we were well wrapped up in our plaid – by watching fictional heroes and heroines tremble from head to toe . From Jon Snow in Game of Thrones to Numérobis in Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra , we would not have liked to be in the place of these characters without good equipment to face the elements.

Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)

Credit: TheCell9 – YouTube

“Winter is coming” Ned Stark used to say to Jon Snow all the time, but he did not wait for winter to arrive to send him to guard the wall in the deepest cold. Even with his fur coat, he gave us chills . The worst thing is when he went for a walk on the side of the White Marchers territory, snowstorm and icy swimming on the program. Brrrr!

Bridget Jones

Credit: kinobscura – YouTube

In the end scene of Shining , we see Jack Torrance chasing his wife and son in a snowy maze and we feels sorry for him. Not only does he limp, but you can feel them curdling, holding his jacket desperately. The worst is when he falls from exhaustion and we find him dead of cold, covered in snow, not moving. It's us every time we have to stay outside in the winter.

Jack (Titanic)

Credit: MissRogue 768 – Youtube

There was clearly room on this board, but Rose preferred to keep it to herself, leaving Jack to perish slowly but surely in ice water unless 30 degrees at least ! Watching him change into a human iceberg, getting bluer and bluer, his lips quivering is already painful, but when Rose realizes he's gone, it's even worse.

Katherine Pierce (The Vampire Diaries)

Credit: Xat IanMadeGeoHD – YouTube

Vampire for more than 500 years old, Katherine Pierce has not felt the cold for a long time. But when Elena forces her to take the remedy and finds herself human again, she rediscovers the temperatures. We pity her particularly when she walks in the forest with Matt and Jeremy, in a tank top, cold to the tip of her nose, trembling and complaining of peeling them , desperately seeking to warm himself with fire.

Credit: MonsieurFLEFLE – YouTube

We all recognize each other a little in the character of Numérobis embodied by Jamel Debouze in Asterix and Obelix: Mission Clééropatre , when he arrives in Gaulle in the middle of winter and let him walk in the snowy forest, trembling with cold. He who is used to the heat and the sun of Egypt, it is difficult to warm up even with his leopard skin. “It is at least – 005000 “ he says and it's something we've probably already said 100 times in winter so do we.

This winter, we will equip ourselves and do better than Jack, Bridget or good old Numerobis, by adopting the pieces of the Uniqlo fleece collection . No question of being cold but above all, prohibition to accumulate layers of clothing at the risk of not looking like anything. We have already suffered enough in 768, we will avoid complete our style on top of all that. Coat, sweater, jacket or fleece interior set, you will inevitably find your happiness to face winter temperatures with style and comfort . Cherry on the cake ? These sweet pieces also come at a sweet price! Discover them without further delay …

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