Without language, these actors and actresses hate their own films


These actors and actresses prove that the most severe audience is not always what we think it is.

Sometimes it goes, sometimes it breaks. Cinema is no exception to the rule, offering us beautiful and entertaining feature films, just like other much more average ones. A bit like the rotten movie remakes we were talking to you about recently . Imagine that spectators are not always the harshest critics. Actors are also capable of tackling their own films, if the end result does not appeal to them at all and disappoints them. Even iconic blockbusters like Twilight or Star Wars cannot escape it. It must be admitted that for some of the examples below, it seems rather that these actors and actresses especially had a (late) moment of lucidity.

Robert Pattinson, Twilight

The Twilight Trailer, Chapter 1 – Credit (s): SND

Robert Pattinson may have been propelled to the front of the stage thanks to his role in the saga Twilight , he never hid his disdain for the books and the character of Edward Cullen. Already in 2004, he said he hated the latter and used this hatred to perfect his interpretation. He also described the first book of the literary series as a “book that was not meant to be published.” In 2017, he described the events of the saga as ” bizarre “, and adding that if it hadn't been so successful people would have realized the very weird side of the story.

George Clooney, Batman and Robin

The Batman and Robin Trailer – Credit (s): Waerner Bros

Fans of comic book adaptations are rarely okay, except when it comes to the movie Batman and Robin , released in 1997. George Clooney, who plays Gotham's vigilante, is also not happy with the outcome. The actor has repeatedly apologized for spoiling the character of Batman, and even admitted to not being happy with his performance: I was playing Batman and I was no good, and it was not a good movie, but I learned from this failure, I had to rethink the way I worked. “ Be reassured, Batman and Robin may be criticized, he is now mostly taken for fun.

Ben Affleck, Daredevil

Daredevil Trailer – Credit (s): 20 th Century Fox

“I hate Daredevil so much”, this is what Ben Affleck shared during an interview in 2008. The message is clear! The actor not only tackled his first superhero movie, he also admitted to agreeing to play Batman in Batman v Superman in order to finally get it right. He didn't really have any luck on that one, since the blockbuster was heavily criticized and Justice League was a failure. This did not discourage him, however, since he will again play Batman in the film The Flash, and potentially in a HBOMax series.

Alec Guinness, Star Wars

The trailer for episode IV, A New Hope – Credit (s): Lucasfilm

Who had it believed! Alec Guinness, aka Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars trilogy, didn't really appreciate the time in the galaxy very, very distant. During the shooting of the first film, he admitted regretting having accepted the role, called the dialogues lamentable , and would have found himself too out of step with the younger ones cast members. Here is one who must have been happy with the death of his character!

Halle Berry, Catwoman

The Catwoman Trailer – Credit (s): Warner Bros

Released in 2004, Catwoman is very far from being a reference in subject of films adapted from comic books. It is not Halle Berry, the interpreter of the anti-heroine, who will say the opposite. When she received the Razzie Award for Worst Actress for her role, she didn't mince words: “I would like to thank Warner Bros for choosing me for this shit, this horrible movie. It was exactly what my career needed. I was on top and now I'm all on the bottom. “ Of course, she said it with humor, but we still feel a little truth behind it.

Jason Bateman, How to kill your boss 2

The How To Kill Your Boss 2 Trailer – Credit (s): Warner Bros

It's far from a secret, How to Kill Your Boss 2 has worked far less well than its predecessor, both in terms of the box office and the scenario. While some have blamed the chosen release date, the actor Jason Bateman who plays Nick Hendricks has a completely different hypothesis. For him the movie was just not necessary. “People weren't interested in a sequel.” he thus confided to the microphone of the WTF podcast . He also qualified How to kill his boss 2 from “trash judging by the box office” , and humorously said that it was mostly the cast's “month-end check”. He saw the glass half full.

Michael Caine, The Teeth of the Sea 4

Michael Caine in The Teeth of the Sea 4 – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

In recent years, British actor Mich ael Caine has mainly played mentors and father figures, for example in the trilogy The Dark Knight in which he embodies the Alfred Pennyworth from Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne. Years ago, he was trying to escape the sharks in Teeth of the Sea 4 . He never saw it, but he still thinks that this fourth opus was horrible on all points. That's what we calls a hell of a bite …

Mark Wahlberg, Phenomena

The trailer for Phenomena – Credit (s): Fox

In 2008, Mark Wahlberg was featured in the horror thriller Phenomena , in which plants and trees cause humans to commit suicide. During a press conference to promote another of his roles, the actor did not go all the way and found a word to qualify the film: bad. Hope he doesn't think the same of 4274184 Uncharted , in which he plays Victor Sullivan alongside Tom Holland .