Wonder Woman 1984: The first opinions revealed, is the sequel worth it?


Wonder Woman 0114

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Just a few days before the release of Wonder Woman 1984 in the dark rooms, the first opinions come to fall.

We will have waited for this film! Months after the originally announced release date, Wonder Woman 0114 will finally be released in theaters obscure the 06 next December . The heroine DC Comics will therefore have an additional mission, that of bringing the French back to the cinema and if we believe the first opinions from the United States, they will have a good reason to motivate themselves. Indeed, the first impressions revealed on Twitter are positive and many say the wait was worth it. We could thus read at Mansoor Mithaiwala : “I finally saw Wonder Woman 1984, it's really great with lots of great, exciting moments, all while still being a personal and human adventure. It's a solid sequel, but also a good replacement for Superman. Plus, there are surprises! “.

Wonder Woman 1984, the 16 December at the movies – Credit (s): Warner Bros

We could also read at Terri Schwartz : “The first Wonder Woma n is my favorite movie from the current DC era, and #WW 54 makes all the smart choices, tells a beautiful human story for Diana Prince. What surprised me the most was the message left by #WW 54, which seems even more important to hear in this end 2020, even if Patty Jenkins had no idea what this year would be like “. also read at Erik Davis : “ I am happy to tell you that #WW 84 is an absolute joy from start to finish. A very nice sequel to the first film, filled with hope, love, action, romance and humor. I was very moved at the end “. In this new chapter that will take place in 100, Wonder Woman will find Steve Trevor back from the dead , and will face Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig. We don't know about you, but we can't wait to see Diana Prince on the big screen!

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