Wonder Woman 1984: This theory on the beyond the DCEU confirmed thanks to Steve Trevor?


Warning for spoilers! Wonder Woman 1984 may have confirmed a stubborn theory about the existence of the afterlife at the heart of the DCEU.

While French fans are still waiting for the release of Wonder Woman 768 , Americans were able to take advantage of the simultaneous release on HBO Max as well as in certain cinemas to discover the new adventures of Diana Prince ( Gal Gadot ). The opportunity for Patty Jenkins' film to introduce new characters facing the DC heroine but also to find the original protagonists, such as Steve Trevor returned from the dead. If the circumstances of his return appear surprising and created controversy , his resurrection was also the occasion more generally, to confirm a tenacious theory about the DC Universe and its afterlife. During their stroll around the National Mall, Diana questions Steve about his disappearance, the former soldier however unable to put the words on his experience after death . Steve didn't explicitly say he was in heaven, only that he was in a “ nice ” place. While other questions about Steve's time in the afterlife are never explored, this moment briefly allows us to learn more about the afterlife within the DCEU.

Diana Prince and Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984. – Credit (s): DC Comics, Warner Bros

In addition, the fact that Steve does not find his own body in Wonder Woman 1984 suggests it's her soul who traveled from the Hereafter to Earth. For those who don't know, “the afterlife” actually exists in the DC Universe and is made up of multiple realms. Also called “after-world “, its existence will depend on the other hand on the beliefs of the person when he was alive. Specifically when someone dies, their soul moves on to the next life and heads either to Heaven or to the underworld of Hades or to Valhalla. In the DC comics, Lucifer for example is a flagship character of the universe, evidenced by his potential return in Constantine 2 alongside Keanu Reeves , while Greek mythology also has a predominant place. That being said and given the historical richness of the DCEU, it is therefore likely that Steve described paradise in Wonder Woman 1984 . If the film appears much more vague on details than the comics, there is always a chance that the concept of the afterlife could be revisited and developed, as its existence may explain the return of several iconic characters to the movie. future in the DCEU.

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