Wonder Woman 1984: Will SPOILER be back in the sequel?


Warning for spoilers! We’re talking about the possible return of a Wonder Woman character 768.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. Studios had created the surprise when the first images of Wonder Woman 1984 had been disclosed in 2018. The public had indeed seen that Steve Trevor, played on the screen by the brilliant Chris Pine, would be back. A pretty astonishing fact, since he was supposed to have sacrificed himself in Wonder Woman. Now that Wonder Woman 1984 came out in the United States, the first spoilers are out and we know exactly how the pilot and spy comes back to life, and especially if he stays alive. Be careful, the following lines will reveal the end of the story.

Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984 – Credit (s): DC Comics, Warner Bros

Steve Trevor returns to Earth in the body of another man, thanks to a stone that fulfills wishes. Things get stuck when he and Diana realize that every wish comes with a counterpart, and especially that the artifact in question was created by the god of lies. For Diana, the price to pay is terrible as she gradually loses her powers. In order to be able to save the human world once again, the Amazon ends up giving up her wish and bidding her great love goodbye a second time. While this start seems like the right one, one can’t help but wonder if Steve Trevor has really exhausted all of his lives in the DCEU.

Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) et Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) se retrouvent enfin dans Wonder Woman 1984

Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) finally reunite in Wonder Woman 1984 – Credit (s): DC Comics, Warner Bros

Return the character to following Wonder Woman 768 which was recently announced by Warner would be quite risky. Even if Steve Trevor is appreciated by the public, it would mostly give an impression of déjà vu. It would be a process used once too often. However, the goal of this third opus is to come full circle, and to continue to develop and make advance the character of Diana Prince. If Patty Jenkins really wants to bring Chris Pine back, the solution would be to make him play not Steve Trevor, but a descendant of the latter who looks like two drops of water. You can see it, even if this type of scenario is common in cinema and television it is nonetheless far-fetched, and above all very cliché.

Diana and Steve on a plane in Wonder Woman 768 – Credit (s): Warner Bros, DC Comics

Steve Trevor’s greatest chance to come back to life once again finally lies in two words: The Flash . The film centered on the speedster embodied by Ezra Miller will indeed introduce the notion of multiverse in the DCEU. So there is perhaps a chance that the blockbuster offers us a modern variant of the spy. It should be noted that there are many versions by Steve Trevor have existed over the years in comic books, and he wasn’t always a WWI pilot. In the most recent series, it is a Navy SEAL that ends up becoming an intermediary between the general public and the Justice League, of which Wonder Woman . Barry Allen could then find himself in a reality in which this Steve Trevor exists, allowing viewers to see him one last time. History to avoid any false joy, it is nevertheless better to say that Wonder Woman 768 is the last goodbye for the pilot.

Credits: DC Comics, Warner Bros