X-Men fan imagines what MCU Phases 1 through 3 would have looked like if mutants had replaced Avengers


This fan imagines the result if the first three Phases of the MCU had been devoted to the X-Men instead of the Avengers!

A fan imagines in What would MCU Phases 1 to 3 have looked like if the mutants had replaced the Avengers, and the result is quite “appetizing”! In Phase One, the Internet user chooses to replace the first two Iron Man (who both the largest super- hero and worst villain in the MCU), The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America: First Avenger and The Avengers by their X-Men counterparts. So we have Wolverine 1 and 2, The Amazing Beast, Tornado, Cyclops the first X-Man and X-Men . We clearly see the appearance of a hard core of superheroes, the same as the one in the original Fox trilogy. Then, Phase 2. Things get tough with the continuation of the adventures of Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops, as the Alpha Division team emerges, to replace the Guardians of the Galaxy. A new vigilante arrives solo: instead of Ant-Man, we discover Iceberg!

X-Men (Posted by FictionFantom) – Credit (s): Reddit To see also : How can I watch live TV without cable?

On the X-Men side, the team faces the infamous Sentinels, whom Days of Future Past viewers know well . Phase 3 is the most extensive, with no less than eleven films! The Cyclops and Tornado trilogies come to an end, as the Alpha Division Canadians return for new adventures. As for Iceberg, he allies with Kitty Pryde – considered by the Internet user as the alias of the Wasp. Scarlet Witch arrives with a solo film, ensuring the “mystical” side of the programming (in place of Doctor Strange ). Further on, the choice to replace Spider-Man with Deadpool is quite daring, but why not! Phoenix, a.k.a Jean Gray, takes on the role of the most powerful character in his universe, currently held by Captain Marvel. Finally, Bishop succeeds Black Panther, and the X-Men’s final joint mission is split into two parts, like Avengers Infinity War and Endgame . A hell of a program, isn't it? We would love to see the results on the big screen! And to think that 4286385 Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel or even the Hulk are perhaps in reality already mutants .

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